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7 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Always Tired

Updated on November 16, 2012

Ladies, remember the time you wanted to see that Tom Hanks movie at the cinema but 10 p.m. was too late for your boyfriend? Remember the time you wanted to go for an evening stroll along the lake but your boyfriend was too tired? Well, after much research, here are seven reasons why:

1. Men Carry More Weight Around

It's pretty much a given that if your man isn't a professional athlete or work-out junkie he carries more weight than you do, ladies. Think of the math: that short trip to to the shopping mall multiplied by his weight... Ouch! Tiring!

2. (Most) Men Don't Have 'That Time of the Month'

I know what you're thinking, this cannot be true, but I beg to differ. Here's why. Because men don't have 'that time of the month,' a man's hormone levels tend to remain relatively stable. That's boring, you see. Think of it this way: stable hormonal levels is like working a boring nine-to-five that doesn't change... Oh wait, only men do that too!

3. Men Have To Think Harder

Over the course of 24 hours, because a man's brain just isn't as sophisticated as a woman's, men need to think a lot harder to remember things that come second nature to women. Isn't it curious that the only people with shopping lists at the groceries are men? Well that's because a man's brain just isn't as good as a woman's. This equates to a day of serious mental work straining to remember life's most simple things.

... Honey, where were the car keys again?

4. Men Cannot Fight The Urge...

... to sleep, that is! Being tired is normal for everyone, but for men it is the penultimate act of the day. Penultimate in that the final act is actually closing one's eyes and sleeping. Men are weak you see, that is why men have no trouble sleeping on planes, couches, cinemas, and a whole host of places that seem impossible to sleep at!

There is a scientific reason to this. Where women are descendent of god-like creatures, men are descendent of bears. That's why they're hairy... and cannot fight their hibernating instinct.

5. Men Have Poorer Hearing

A man's ears as not as developed as a woman's, and though this is purely speculative, it must be the reason behind why men cannot multitask and listen to multiple people at the same time. As a result of this poor hearing, men who have fallen asleep have an awfully difficult time hearing a woman's discontented appeals for him to wake up. Terrible thing poor hearing is...

6. 'Manliness' Expends Energy

For men, being macho is the name of the game. Oh, yes, you can carry ALL the groceries to the car! Wow, look at you lift the couch to grab to remote you slipped under there! Goodness, look at you fix that broken pipe with your makeshift tools! Unnecessary manliness expends unnecessary energy that could very well have been spent on his lady.

But no! Men have to spend their limited energy on things that could be solved with a simple phone call...

7. Life is Just More Difficult for Men

In conclusion, it is easy to sympathize with how tiring life must be for men. All those glorious ideas, all that manliness, all them genius moments that fill a woman's day with joy!

Oh man!


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      2 years ago

      i giggled

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      2 years ago

      There's a reason real femenists get ignored/laughed at.. idiots like you

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      lmao someones cranky aka Rebecca alice sarah and anne...... relaaaaaaax. Maybe you guys are the ones who need a nap

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This article is a heaping pile of s*** disguised as someone's childish sense of humor

    • profile image


      5 years ago


    • profile image


      5 years ago


      I do not think you know what this word means.

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      5 years ago



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