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7 Signs That Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend is Over

Updated on November 30, 2012

Is Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend Over?

Lately, your relationship with your beaux is not what it used to be. Relationships are great, especially when starting out and you can’t get enough of each other. You only think of each other when you are apart, and you are always texting back and forth or calling each other on the phone.

As time passes, though, slowly things may start to change. You might not be as happy as you were when you first started dating, or the two of you are fighting all of the time. No matter how you look at it, it is time to realize that you could be in danger of losing your lover for good.

The 7 Signs to Watch Out For

There are definite signs that you can take a look at to see if you and your boyfriend are on the path to separation.

Different situations and relationships can bear different signals, but there are some signs that universally if these are happening between the two of you are definite signs that something is not right. Here are the 7 signs to take note.

1) Trouble talking to him - If you are having trouble talking with him lately and you don’t feel like you can share everything with him anymore, there is something wrong. In the beginning you likely talked about everything, and all the time. If now it is painful to even try to have a conversation with him, this is a communication problem and will destroy even the strongest relationships.

2) Intimacy between both of you is gone - Have you noticed that your lover is no longer interested in having sex with you? Even when you make the first move, or put on something sexy for the bedroom, he just doesn’t ever seem to be in the mood or is tired all the time? If you do not remember the last time you and your boyfriend were intimate, this is a bad sign as well.

3) He has stop calling you - Has he stopped calling you lately? In the beginning, you probably couldn’t get him to stop calling you, but now you are the one who always has to call him. He seems to have lost interest in talking with you anymore.

When you two first met, your boyfriend was always doing romantic things for you. He would surprise you with gifts and homemade dinners, and take you out frequently. Now, however, getting him to go on a date with you is like pulling teeth. He always has some sort of excuse of why he can’t go out that night.

4) He is spending less time with you - Another sign your relationship isn’t going well is if you find yourself hanging out with your friends more than your boyfriend. Sometimes you need a night out with the girls, but if you are having these girl’s nights more often than not, you should take account of what is happening in your dating life.

5) He is always busy with work - Is your boyfriend spending much more time at work nowadays? All of a sudden, he is spending late nights at the office rather than coming home to be with you. He has to work special times on the weekend or do extra work almost every day. This is a sure sign he is purposefully avoiding you, because no matter how busy a guy gets, he will make the time to see you.

6) He forgets special days - He seems to keep forgetting special days such as a birthday or an anniversary? He seems to be somewhere else lately, instead of being more focused on you like he used to be. This could be a big hint that he is done with the relationship.

7) Both of you constantly fights - Finally, if the two of you are constantly fighting when you are together, this is a sure sign things are bad. It is normal for couples to fight occasionally, but there is a line between healthy fighting and the constant fighting and arguing that can come at a relationship’s end.

Time To Be Realistic and Let Go

If you feel that a lot of these issues are apparent in your relationship, you should probably be prepared to let your lover go. It is tough, but breaking up with someone can also be a big weight off your shoulders if it isn’t going well.

It will free you up to lead your life in a better, healthier way, plus allow you to be able to find someone who you will be compatible with and will stick with you for the long haul, through good and bad.


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