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7 Signs You Should Stop Dating Your Partner

Updated on December 1, 2009

When it comes to ending a relationship, it can be hard to determine when it is time to end it, especially if you have feelings for that person. If you happen to notice that your relationship has any of the seven signs below, you will want to go ahead and end the relationship because it will not get better. In fact, your relationship will most likely take a drastic turn for the worse.

Drug Usage

If there is drug usage in the relationship, it is time to end the relationship. It is only a matter of time before it gets out of hand and everything falls apart. You could very well find yourself in legal trouble because of your partner and that is not something you should be willing to risk.

Verbal Abuse

There are many signs of verbal abuse. You do not have to be called fowl names every ten minutes to be involved in a verbally abusive relationship. If you are called stupid or made to feel that your ideas, thoughts, or opinions are stupid, you are being verbally abused and that is not okay.

Physical Abuse

Being hit once is once too many. If you ever feel as though you are in danger of being hit or having something thrown at you, it is time to leave. If you did not see the warning signs but have now found yourself being abused, you must leave. No one can help you until you are willing to help yourself.


While there have been some cases where a person cheated and never cheated again, those cases are typically rare. The cheating itself is a sign that there is either something wrong with the relationship or with the person cheating. If this cannot be resolved, the cheating will continue.


Some people lie only when they have something big to cover. Other people seem to lie just to lie. If you find that there are a lot of lies in your relationship, it is time to move on. Do not continue a relationship that is not real because there are too many lies to know truth from lies.

Does Not Listen

You will find times where you speak and no one seems to listen, even your partner. However, if this is happening all of the time then your partner apparently does not have enough respect for you to listen to what you actually have to say. This is a very bad sign for the future.

No Hope For the Future

If you find that you are always talking about the future and your partner could seem to care less, you are apparently not on the same page and should consider going your separate ways.

While it can be hard to end a relationship, if you want to make sure that you are happy, it is something that you are going to have to do.


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    • prosmentor profile image

      prosmentor 7 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      How I wish every one that is in a relationship could read this article before they say I do. Your article is wonderful.

    • Singlesstreetlife profile image

      Singlesstreetlife 8 years ago

      Thank you I appreciate your endorsement. The sad part however is that when it comes to following the advice many people prefer to stay in bad relationships which is a shame.

    • GoGranny profile image

      GoGranny 8 years ago from Southeastern PA

      I like this hub because it is simple and easy to understand the message. Good factual content. Everyone should read and take note!