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Updated on November 26, 2017

This piece tells you everything you need to know about gay men...get to know them and you'll like them!!!


In this 21st century, people condemn gay people, there activities and every other thing that has to do with them, funny enough some gays that are still in the closet and other people they has no damn idea what the word even mean tend to follow the crowd to stone and crucify these gay males…

Every day that goes by I read and observe what they pass through, some of them with low self esteem end up committing suicide cos of the hate speeches and what they pass through.

Straight men with low level of testosterone that behave kinda girly suffer same thing, these made me to think of the advantages, the pros of being gay in order to give these people reasons to keep living and be more proud of who they are, be you situational gay, born gay, etc…

Saying a single good thing about being gay can actually get me killed in my African community that I live in but I’m a compassionate person( though I do act though and emotionless sometimes) but I strongly believe in “live and let live”.

So, when people stop isolating there selves from these gays and try to understand that these people aren’t as different as they thought…

Coming close to them and trying to treat them like the humans will give you the opportunity of knowing that they actually have great things about their personalities… (Having gay friends doesn’t make you gay), these were what I’ve observed so far about them:

Good people and great personalities:

Most gays are actually nice and fun to talk and hangout with, they always have the creative spark the majority of them have…to be frank they are actually the most honest personalities with free spirits, unlike most straight folks that always has ulterior motives and angles to only benefit leave you momentarily…

They are trustworthy, funny and smart! And they ain’t gonna screw you unless you ask for it, they understand the meaning of the word boundary. So, just drop the stereotypic behavior and comments against these harmless people.

They fancy men:

Yeah most of knows that gay relationship deals with men and their fellow men but what we don’t know is that they are pretty picky and selective when it comes to people they sleep with.

They don’t just hump any male ass that comes there way, so the stereotypic statement about always being on guard and covering your ass with trays whenever you’re around them…

It just doesn’t work that way, if it’s so why don’t women be on guard and cover their asses whenever they are around straight men…mind blowing right? Think about it!

Most of their problems are universal

There problems are universal in the sense that whether gay or straight most of your thoughts are in line with theirs, so no matter how you try to convince yourself that you’re a better man than they are…you’re so wrong!

Your straight man’s looks or appearance are same except in the cases of gay dudes that are also cross dressers. In my opinion not all cross dressers are gays… so for every crappy thing that you’ve passed through or dealt with they’ve gone through also or are going through currently…

They are closer to women:

Women trust and open up easily to people they know that aren’t planning to hump them. So since sex isn’t on the table, women tend to intensely trust and have a rich, healthy relationship with these folks.

They aren’t pressured to get married:

Straight men are hurried and pressured to get married by their loved ones (majorly by their mummies) at a certain age and make babies. So straight men don’t freak out about getting married at a certain age and give birth to babies…

This makes there life easier and less troubling, they get to fall in love when they want and get married when they want, they word failure has nothing to do with them relationship wise.

They are crazily rich:

I’m yet to figure out why gay guys are always rich and successful…no natural reason backs this factor about them; it’s just the way things are. On the other hand, I’m not saying you should turn gay and be lazy all day cos you’re a broke straight guy…it doesn’t work that way sisi.


In most scenarios they are not invited to straight people’s events cos people treat them differently…in cases of buses, churches, cinemas and other places that invokes gathering of people with different sexualities…

People tend to leave a whole row of seat cos a single gay guy is occupying it…people misunderstand being gay with harboring sickness that are can be communicated by mere contact, it’s just too cruel and pathetic.


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    • jonnycomelately profile image

      Alan 2 months ago from Tasmania

      Eddy, wonderful writing! Keep going man! There is only one criticism I have.... the getting-rich bit will have to wait until my next life when it comes around! Lol! But to be honest, the little bit I have is just enough and that, for me, points to being rich.... happy with what I got!