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The Top 7 Things Men Want Most From Women

Updated on March 16, 2018

Men Are From Mars

Being a man means having an XY chromosome make up like other male mammals, while women have only an XX chromosome make up. A man can be defined as a husband, boyfriend, or lover. A man is one who thinks differently, feels differently, acts and reacts differently, along with many other differences when being compared to women. A man likes to do everything his own way and during his own time frame, which is not the same way as a woman's. Being a man also involves having a deeper voice and an "Adam's apple" which women lack completely. Sometimes it may seem like a man and a woman are on totally different pages in all aspects, yet always seem to meet in the middle, find love and a future with one another.

A man and a woman always seem to maintain a certain, special balance for one another and their unique temperaments, which is why a relationship between these two different sexes seems to exist, along with attraction. A man is strong and everything else that a woman needs, while a woman can provide a man with the softness and the tenderness that only a woman can. This creates a natural balance for a relationship that will always exist between these two opposite sexes. Being a man is most difficult at times and may seem overwhelming, but most men would agree that there is nothing better.

Opposites Attract

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A Man Has Wants

Every man has things that they want in life and out of life, which may include but is not limited to toys, tools, and even certain wants from a woman. These wants that every man has may seem difficult for women to understand and complex to figure out, but the reality is that they are just like what a woman wants except in a different form and based on a guy's likes. Every man wants to feel good about themselves and about the relationship that they are in, especially from a woman. Satisfying a man's different wants may seem impossible, but it is exactly what women want with different levels of importance.

A man is the simplest person to figure out, which is another way men and women are different. A man likes to get right to the point, and have it done which can get no easier. Every man has wanted, and sex is not high on the list!

What Do Men Want Most From Women?

The answer is obvious! All men want is to be happy and to feel respected and loved, just like women do, while focusing on what only a man enjoys doing. What men want most from women is not that complicated to satisfy or difficult to solve, but is just the exact opposite of what women want most from men. While men are taking the time to give women what they really want, like cuddling and talking, women should also be taking the time to give the men what they really want, like not talking and just chilling on the couch together. This will cause team work and the relationship will increase in strength, without even doing much but making the other person happy.

This hub is a list of what men what most from women, published by a woman, but seen through a man's perspective. The list is compiled of input from my husband combined knowledge from other hubs based on facts about men and about their habits. This list may not be accurate for all men, as every man, woman, or person is not the same. The bottom line is that what men want most from women is what women want from men, to be happy in their relationship and with the one's they love.

1. Respect

Just like women wanted to be respected by men, men also want to be respected for their opinions, thoughts, and decisions at all times. They want to feel respected for all of the hard work that they do and for all of the household responsibilities they manage on a daily basis. This includes listening to what they have to say when they express themselves and respecting how they feel, even if and when you don't agree with it. Men who do offer the same respect for women should get that same respect back in return, without there ever being any question. Respecting a man also shows that you respect yourself as a woman, which is more attractive to men than women who have no respect at all. As soon as men notice that they are being respected in return, women get much more respect and so the cycle of respect goes. This topic is a two-way road, but men want it most from women more than any thing else.*

*This is not true for any man who is disrespectful to any woman.

2. Sexy Cookin'

Men enjoy eating good food and love the women who cook good food for them. A married man loves coming home after working all day long to a hot home-cooked meal with his dear family. Some men may even enjoy take-out or fast food every night, as long as their woman feeds them whenever they are hungry. This is a high priority for men and a man's mood may be affected by his hunger. Keeping the fridge stocked and the food coming to your man is also another great way to make him want to come home. Men also enjoy having something nice to look at while waiting for the food to be prepared and served, so try to dress it up a little. Men are very visual creatures. The secret is how you go about it. Think, what are you wearing? Are your hair, nails, and makeup done? Are you making something exotic? Now is definitely the time to get creative!

3. Sex

Men want sex from women, and that is a known fact, but it's actually later on their list because a man does not want to have sex with a woman who is being disrespectful and unappreciative towards him. Men are always turned on by women and the many different things about them, but are also turned off by certain things as well. This can go for appearance, scent, or even attitude. Men want sex from women, and every one knows this fact. But it's not as high on the list as many people would have thought it to be. Men view sex differently, like being a man's way of showing a woman how her feels about her and the love he has for her. Some men also see sex as a way of bonding with a woman.

4. Appreciation

Just like women, men also want to feel appreciated for all of the hard work and responsibilities that they accomplish every day. One of the things men want most from women is to feel and hear more appreciation from them for the things that they do. Especially when a man went out of his way, with extra thought and time, to do some thing nice for the woman that they love. Saying "thank you" followed by loving comments is a great way to show thanks for the effort he puts into every day. Giving a man extra hugs and kisses is always another great way to show how him how appreciative you are of him and what he does. Appreciation is also a way of encouraging a man and motivates him to do more good things, which creates a circle of happiness in working together for happiness and satisfaction within the relationship. Some men believe that appreciation and respect go hand-in-hand, but both tasks should not be left unaccomplished daily. Men enjoy feeling appreciated because it will make them want to do more good deeds for the woman they love, while feeling great while doing them.

5. No Nagging or Complaining

This goes for every woman because we have all done it at one time or another!! Men really don't like to hear women continuously complaining or nagging about projects, obligations, or other responsibilities and especially when they come home after working hard all day. Women think it's just trying to get things done, but men will always take it as nagging and this is their biggest annoyance. Men usually know what is going on and what has to be done, and will procrastinate because that is how they are made, and will accomplish the task with perfection, but on their own sweet time. Complaining and or nagging only makes men feel annoyed, bothered, and unhappy so then they do not want to do what is being asked of them. A man wants to hear that his woman is satisfied and is happy. Then in return, he will be more willing to do what is being asked of him because he will know that you be happy with it. This concept may need extra patience, and with practice, but it can be done. The ending results are amazing. Once the negative outlook and responses are removed from the relationship, it will work more smoothly and your man won't be in such a bad mood all of the time.

6. Affection

Men are not as affectionate as women are, but do enjoy the occasional hug and kiss especially for no reason at all. This physically shows men that their women love and care about them. Don't overdo it because it may be taken as being clingy, which guys can not stand. Gently playing with a man's hair or a deep massage also counts as wanted affection from many men that they usually lack and go without. Show your man that you care and he will too in return.

He Don't Bite

7. Simplicity

Men like simplicity to be happy, which includes within their life and even within their relationship. Since men are logical and realistic people, this means they are simple and easy to get along with for the most part. Men like it when things are simple, but not necessarily easy. Men want their relationships to keep kept simple to avoid drama, problems, and trouble from happening. Men are not into much gossip and drama like women are, they just want it kept simple and to the point. This want from men is simple, and keeps every one's life simple also.

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© 2012 Cristale


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    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 2 weeks ago from Cali

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

    • profile image

      LouisCifer 18 months ago

      Too complicated.

      In general, women are smaller, slower, weaker and a massive liability and annoyance for men most of the time. Men will tolerate immense suffering and self-denial just to reduce the annoyance, with no affect on the other debilitations of women.

      Men effectively want three things from women.

      The rest men can provide amply for themselves.

      1. Sex - frequent, quality, random.

      2. Feminine companionship (emphasis on "feminine")

      3. Family (heirs)

      That's pretty much it.

      Women expect men to sacrifice themselves. Men are "supposed to" get married, be a provider and protector to women. Men are to serve women.

      But most women today are utterly incapable of understanding all that men sacrifice in his monogamy to her and in order to provide for her reality. Further, women are completely disinterested in this, for it would reveal a moral call for reciprocity - that while sure, men should serve women, women must also serve men.

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 19 months ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Interesting article. I'd agree that the most important thing to men is not sex, but respect. I try to do most of those things for my husband. I'm working on not nagging, but finding alternate solutions to things I need done.

      Thanks for writing.


    • ubrish profile image

      ubrish ali 3 years ago from Pakistan(Asia)

      I think affection grows love between girl and boy.

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 3 years ago from Cali

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my hub.

    • Emmyboy profile image

      Emmyboy 3 years ago from Nigeria

      Hi Cristale, I like how you expressed your opinion in this hub, most especially from a man's perspective.

      I will like to add that sometimes, I feel like a different man altogether because I still need one more very important something from a woman to add to your list.

      Can you guess what it might be? Oh yes I want a woman with brains! YesMan said it's food but me I say it's intelligence. So add it to your list, at least, for my sake, okay?

      Thank you!

      Meanwhile, I like that picture in this hub that has the word RESPECT! printed on it! I guess you know why, do you?

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 4 years ago from Cali

      Thanks for reading my hub and thank you so much for your insightful comment.

    • lilylipgloss profile image

      lilylipgloss 4 years ago

      A nice article, and nice to read something that is not anti man for a change that's been written by a woman. I agree with much that was said, and like most woman (well those of us that don't really consider ourselves to be feminist's) I try my best to make my man happy with many the things mentioned here. Men are better at some things and woman better at some other things, I see no need to compete or feel need for one upmanship. I think its called being a team

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 4 years ago from Cali

      Thank you for checking out this hub!

    • profile image

      YesMan 4 years ago

      I think cooking is the one I find the most attractive. Girls, the way to a man's heart is through his tummy. Trust me on that, I'm a guy.

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 5 years ago from Cali

      Being loved, for a man, is important! I knew it!

    • onlygrace profile image

      onlygrace 5 years ago

      I am agree with you, all the list you mention above is very fit to me. Especially when it is about getting respect from a woman. Somehow for a man, being respected means being loved.

    • profile image

      john 5 years ago

      lol, what men want most from a women, WRITTEN BY A WOMEN ( no offence, but everytime i read what women write about men, its always angry stereotypical judging againts us, that men only want sex and food )

      but i'm agree with 70% of the list..

      though i'm agree with most of this, writing sex as no.1 what men want most from women is just not true ( no.1 maybe for single men who have goals getting laid , but for men who is in relationship, sex is not really that important to be no.1 priority, really, i write this as a male, as an alpha male who really love sex )

      but respect , appreciation, and affection, i will place them as no.1,2,3... ( and i will add love ( yes we men want to be loved for god sake!!!!!!!!) and care)

      a happy husband is not husband who get sex with his wife everynight ( with his wife faking orgasm most of the time, like all of women out there ), but husband who have a wife who support, respect, care, love, and appreciate them......

      if you think this way of a men, as an emotional creature, not just sex craving pigs, i bet you will make your man happy..... i bet all of my money

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 5 years ago from Cali

      Thanks for reading and the insight!

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 5 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Pretty well summed up..... I do agree with Rebecca2904 .... acceptance, appreciation and respect..... Sex is not number 1 - even though there are moments that it is the only thing that matter... only moments LOL - You are bang on re: nagging... and also for your point "have some me time when I first get home" ..... :-)


    • Rebecca2904 profile image

      Rebecca 5 years ago

      I agree with most of the things you've said to some degree, but I do kind of disagree with the 'men want sex all the time' being in the first place. I do agree that men love sex (and so do women!) but I think when a man is a committed relationship then what he will want most from his partner is companionship, support and for her (or him) to basically be his best friend. Obviously when a single man's on a night out then he's going to be wanting to have a good time with his friends and hopefully go home with some 'fit bird' at the end of the night, but when a man's in a relationship, the sex will just be the icing on the cake after eating a delicious meal (i.e. the companionship.)

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 5 years ago from Cali

      I agree!

    • Chandryclaire profile image

      Chandryclaire 5 years ago

      Thank God men and women are different. Otherwise, it would be so boring. I do not understand why women are always trying to change a man to be more like them vice versa. We need to respect and appreciate our differences even if it is really annoying. I think that when we stop trying to change the person, that person relaxes and is much more pleasant to be around.

    • junkseller profile image

      junkseller 5 years ago from Michigan

      I tend to consider myself odd for a man, but I suspect your list is pretty good for many. Personally, I would move affection up pretty far on the list. I have gone a LONG time without affection or number 1 on your list and can actually live without the one, but find what I really miss are the small affections. Kisses, hugs, holding hands, etc. I think the value of this tends to be underestimated. I always especially liked small affections in public. A little peck on the cheek, for instance, as a way of basically saying, "ya, this is my guy."

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale 5 years ago from Cali

      I made a disclaimer for that purpose. This is just a guess of what men want most from women, but each man is different, I know.

    • profile image

      cleaner 3 5 years ago

      you are very close in your assumptions. but a lot of theses are just typical stereotypes. great write though.