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7 Things Women Don't Like About Men, but Should Just Let Go

Updated on January 4, 2010
  1. Flirting - Flirting is a natural form of communication between men and women. Unless your man has absolutely no game at all, he will flirt, or seem like he's flirting, when he talks to other females. He was flirtatious when you met him, so why would he be any different now that you are with him? Flirting is harmless, especially if he's just talking to his female friends that he knew long before he met you. Now, if he goes beyond flirting with words, that's when it should be a problem. But even a little, tiny teeny eensy weensy bit of touching is okay.
  2. Going out with his boys without you - There may be some days when your man feels the need to go out with his boys. It isn't that you are not fun to hang out with, and it's not that you aren't everything that we need in this world, but once in a while, we like to go back to our high school/college days and just be stupid with our boys. Letting your man hang out with his boys will help him release his tension, and it will help you earn some points with his friends. If you hold him back, and his friends start to notice (which they will), they will start to talk to him. And if this happens, there could be a very ugly tension between his friends and you. This is NOT what you want. It will help your man's relationship with you, it will help your relationship with his friends, and it will help your man's relationship with his boys. Note: He shouldn't be ditching you every time to hang out with his boys. If he's doing this, he's probably sending you a signal - he doesn't want to be with you.
  3. Masturbating to images of other women - This is one thing that 99% of men do. And it is a cause of tension in relationships, because women don't understand why men do it. Women feel like if their man has to masturbate, then they aren't pleasing their man, or that they aren't good enough. And let me tell you right now, this definitely isn't the case. How can a woman in a video possibly "please" us, if they aren't doing anything physically to us? You see, men are very visual beings, we can't just imagine something and do the deed. We need to look at an image, a video, whatever form of media it is. We aren't comparing porn stars to you, ladies. We love you, and we don't have any type of emotional connection to porn stars. That alone makes you 7129781293719 times more attractive than the images. I mean, if you want to make videos for us (or with us), we won't mind using those at all!

4.    How we have to watch sports - Unless your man just doesn't follow sports at all, if you are with a man who does, he will probably spend the majority of his weekends watching sports depending on the season. Now this is just ridiculous, but we have to keep up with sports in order to know statistics, not miss anything exciting, and have something to talk about when we meet up with our boys. Knowledge of sports is king in conversations. It is at this time when we are watching sports that we cannot pay attention to anything else. It isn't that you are any less important. We just enjoy the action and brawn.

5.    We play games TO WIN - Men are raised to be competitive. Basically, if we are playing the game, we don't see a point in playing unless we are trying to win.It is just in our nature. Now, we may let our girl win once in a while out of pity, but what fun is that if you can't win for yourself? That's just dishonest, right?

6.    Looking at other women - Men have eyes and they look, just like women do. And sometimes, their eyes fall upon a female that might be attractive. So what? He didn't try to holler at her, he didn't ogle (and if he does, then that's just wrong), and he didn't touch her. All he has done is use something that God blessed him with - his eyes. And ANYWAY, we know that women look too! You're just more discrete about it, with your God-blessed peripheral vision.

7.    Jealous - There are different levels of jealousy. If it gets into the harassment level, then it is wrong. But anything less than that is harmless. Jealousy is just a way for a man to express his love and territory in today's civil world, since he is unable to grunt or use his spear to stab any threats. Imagine if your man wasn't jealous at all. I've been in situations where I wasn't jealous at all, and it was actually a problem because the girls thought that I didn't care for them. So a little jealousy is good in that it shows that your man cares. Forgive him for his natural instincts and set it aside as harmless behavior.


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    • Jennifer D. profile image

      Jennifer D. 4 years ago from Canada

      I agree and disagree with these points, which could use further development.

      Of course men flirt. Women do too. And if a woman is in a relationship with a man who isn't giving her the loving attention that she needs, she will often flirt more openly with her man's friends. Gauging interest. Stirring the pot. ANY type of touching other than hand shaking is not OK. Imagine your woman seductively stroking the arm of a man she might have just met but you don't know. Or your buddy's cheek. That intimates sexual attraction. How would that feel to you? She won't touch another guy unless she's finished with you. And is she knows you're touching other women, consider it over.

      Masturbation. Ah, the good old wanking the little weenis. Women and men both masturbate and often masturbate to images of other people. In itself not a problem, but when the sex life between the two become nearly non-existent, then there's a problem. Men's selfish desires to just "get off" can affect the relationship to the point she is looking elsewhere. Believe it.

      And jealousy. On a certain level it is absolutely normal and can even be healthy. Be when it is sparked by something not working in the relationship (she becomes jealous of your iPad because your sex life is more with it than her) you might expect a bit more jealousy and acting out from her, unless you're communicating with her. listening to her needs and ensuring they're met. If not, she's going to start looking elsewhere.

      Provocative Hub!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Women do all these things too

    • dustindle profile image

      dustindle 6 years ago

      why would i do what things? do you think really expect your dude not to do any of these things? let's be realistic here, we're human.

    • profile image

      born in Borneo 6 years ago

      First of all why would you do all of these things if you have a girl? Or if you do have a girl friend at least show her some respect...

    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      Frankly I think a woman should be concerned if her man masturbates to porn. It is a dangerous addiction. It almost destroyed my marriage.

      As for flirting, It depends on how open and aggressive it is.

      As for looking at other women, I have done that while she wasn't around but even then I tried to be discreet.