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7 Ways to Enhance Your Sex Appeal

Updated on December 22, 2015


7 ways to enhance your sex appeal

Some women walk into a room, heads turn and when they smile, men are jousting to be by their side, to connect, to chat and to get to know them. And you wondered what is it about them that is attracted everyone? It is called SEX APPEAL, a special charm which some people possess naturally.

Sex appeal is the total package of your natural endowments, and personality. It is what others find appealing and attractive in you. It’s like a magnet, it pulls people and makes them want to get real close and explore who you are.

All your natural attributes play vital role in creating sex appeal, they are what stimulate the sensory organs. Sight is a very powerful stimulus and visual goes together with body element, because what we see we appreciate. Men appreciate and covet the sight of a beautiful woman, Men are visual beings and because of their visual superiority, women put too much stock in their appearances. They resort to every trick in the book to enhance their visible attributes and kinetic power. They engage in all forms of provocative acts and dressing to attract male attention.

Another powerful stimulus is smell. Often we are conscious of being attracted by a special natural body odour of our partner. Every male or female emit some kind of body odour which may be pleasant or unpleasant. People are sometimes attracted by such bodily smell when it’s pleasant. The smell of a clean body is stimulating while an unpleasant body odour is repelling. Hence women go for expensive perfumes to enhance their sex-appeal and attraction attention.

The next stimulus is sound, many people respond to the tone of another’s voice. Men are sometimes attracted to woman with soft and melodious voice. Laughter is another sound attractant, the way one laughs can be attracting to another. The richness of the voice, it may be deep or mellow and can produce warm feeling.

The importance of sex-appeal

People strive to have the right sex appeal to arouse interest, if they don’t have it; they try to create it with the aid of cosmetics. Our desires to always project this appeal have created a boom in the cosmetic industries and manufacturers have done very well to satisfy our every whim.

Sight and smell are the two highly commercialized stimuli, every product to make a woman looks and feels good is out there in the market place, looking good as they say, is good business because it pays big dividends to both the users and the manufacturers. They don’t just produce the products; they also cajole you into buying through powerful and enticing adverts. They create sex appeal effect using female personalities as sex symbols. They make you feel that if you want to look like the models, all you have to do is use the product or if you want to turn heads or get the man of your dream use the product. Just check out the adverts on air and see what I mean.

To smell good, you have fragrances. It’s believed that fragrance has high irresistible sex appeal, as a result of this, cosmetic manufacturers incorporate fragrances, either distilled from flowers or synthetically prepared, in all toiletry products such as soap, shampoo, hair and body creams, collagen, toothpastes, sprays and of course perfumes.

Most of these products come with provocative names and adverts to promote their sales. You are meant to believe, albeit subtly that the products have sex appeal which is irresistible to the opposite sex. The sex appeal in those adverts are explicit, the emphasis is to make you believe the product will enhance your sex appeal.

Every woman wants to look sexy, beautiful, young, elegant, well groomed and trimmed. Looking good and sexy is quite different from feeling good and sexy to create the right sex appeal men die for. Sex appeal is not just about how you look, it encompass the totality of who and what you are and your inner projections

We all want to have sex appeal. If you have sex appeal, it means there’s something about you someone finds so appealing they want to be as close to you as possible. There is something so attractive and irresistible about you that pull people to want to connect with you.

How to create or enhance your sex-appeal

1. Look Good

Sex appeal encompasses everything about you, the totality of who and what you are. Like I said, men are visual beings and are attracted by what they see. To create the right sex appeal, you have to start with your appearances, LOOK GOOD; nothing attracts men like a well groomed woman. Be clean, smell good and package yourself well.

2. Be Confident.

A truly confident woman exudes a sense of ease, and imparts that ease to the people around her. Possessing confidence is a trait you need to cultivate if you don’t have it. Confidence is all about your physical, emotional, and behavioral predispositions.

3. Believe in yourself

Nobody knows you better than yourself and it is what you project yourself to be that people will use to rate you. If you believe you’re good and project that sense of being good, people will take you as being good until you proof otherwise. You have to believe in the person you are; you might not be beautiful, or well dressed

4. Be warm and affectionate towards others

Be conscious of people around you, smile a lot at people, smiles are powerful tool; they cover lots of our inadequacies and emotions. A constant smile on your face not only makes you attractive but portrays you as a warm and affectionate person. Go out of your way to pay attention to people and things around you. Let people feel your presence wherever you are, that is charisma.

5. Carry yourself with pride and be proud of who or what you are.

Your carriage, your gaiety and your poise tells a lot about you. The way you carry yourself is a key factor in being attractive.

No matter your lot in life, don’t live your life too seriously; learn to laugh at yourself and situations around you. Love yourself unconditionally, with all your faults and shortcomings, love yourself and be proud of who and what you are.

When you love yourself it shows, there is that sense of pride that makes you comfortable with your inner self, those around you especially men will notice it and be attracted to you People learn to treat you from the way you treat yourself.

6. Have an aura of mystery about you

Don’t give too much of yourself away through the way you dress, talk or relate with people, ladies, have some reservations about yourself, be an enigma. Mystery is a powerful attractant that heightens your sex appeal. Men are always attracted to women they cannot decipher easily

7. Don’t reveal too much of your body.

Sex appeal is not about how to attract a man who will look at you and goes into eroticism, that the first thing to come to his mind is “how will she look in bed”. You have to dress the way you want to be addressed. When you expose your body you attract anything other than respect and appreciation

Don’t build your sex appeal around your body; you are not a product that needs to be displayed to attract a buy. Let your personality, the totality of you, body, mind and spirit create your sex appeal, so that any man who comes around you will see a total woman and not a dressed up carcass


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    • Ngozi Ebubedike profile image

      Ngozi Ebubedike Ahumibe 24 months ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      @Michaela Osiecki , in life there is always an exception in everything.

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 24 months ago from USA

      This is VERY heteronormative and also assumes that ALL men find the same things attractive/sexy. What about lesbian women who want to have a slice of that sex appeal?

    • Ngozi Ebubedike profile image

      Ngozi Ebubedike Ahumibe 24 months ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      @dashingscorpio, great addition to the post, thanks. Ladies take note "Men enjoy being flirted with and flattered too!"

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 24 months ago

      Great advice!

      Don't be afraid to show "curiosity" in other people by asking them questions regarding (their) interests and hobbies. A few compliments never hurts.

      This helps men to know there is a (mutual) interest as opposed to him having fire one question after another to pull teeth to keep a conversation going.

      Men enjoy being flirted with and flattered too!:)

      One man's opinion!:)