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7 best and simple ways to impress a girl

Updated on February 3, 2013

Tip 1: “Look well dressed and be neat,

Your outlook plays a critical role when impressing a girl. It is very important how you live and how you act. Remember first impression is the last impression. So when you first time meet a girl, your outlook must be greater

But it does not mean that your looks like a celebrity in imaginary manner. If you go in high class dress and end up with something else that does not shade your personality. This gives her an impression that you only want to impression for your hidden aims.

The best solution for this purpose your clothing according your character and of course latest fashion and styles. Go to the bar and club and see what kind of dress is other people are wearing. You can also get information about this from your female friends, cousin and others.

Tip 2: “Control your Dialogues in front of her.”

Another tip to impress a girl is you should control your dialogues in front of her. It become exit for you if your continue to talk or chatting nonstop during your conversation in front of a girl and your hard will we be waste to impress her.

Remember! You should keep eye contact with her when you talking. It will tells that you are interested in her. Tell her your life’ desires and determination it will helps her to understand that you have a determined life. Also share some funny events of your life to attract her. So that she didn’t boor. And of course don’t speak about politics, old girl friend, violet jokes. Think before you speak

Tip 3: “Don’t watch other girls in front of her.”

When you trying to impress a girl, think that she is the last girl of the world. Don’t watch other girls when you sitting in front of her. Naturally girls dislike boys when they watch other girls in front of her. Believe me you will win her trust if you focused to her and she will realize you truly want her.

Tip 4: “Don’t use cell phone again and again.”

It will be an unloved step if you continue to use a cell phone while you are with a girl. If it is an emergency or important call then excuse her and receive your call. Because your girl can think that people on other side of your call has more importance that her.

Tip 5: “Don’t be too possessed.”

Romantic mode is better than the possessed; don’t present yourself as a compulsive lover. You should leave a good impression and loving attitude. If you cannot control your compulsive attitude in front of her she may think defenseless from your company

Tip 6: Maintain Eye Contact.

You should maintain your eye contact in front of her. Hold it strongly; even if you are feeling uncomfortable don’t lose your confidence. During conversation see in her eyes.

Tip 7: “Trouble and happiness”

During discussion ask her about her trouble so she realized automatically that you are interested in her. Share you happy ending movement. Ask her favorite color things, dress and extra……

These are basic 7 step to impress a girl or when you meet a girl first time, concentrate the tips in your personality & you will win. Give you vote or comment if you like & agree.


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      Naveenkumar G 12 months ago

      I love u ....

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      rishu .mankara 2 years ago

      i like u swati

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      rishu .mankara 2 years ago

      i like u swati

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      Ameer 3 years ago

      it is very useful to me


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      zeeshan 3 years ago

      I love these tips