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7 ways to make him propose

Updated on December 21, 2009

Have you been dating the same guy for years and he hasn’t proposed? Are all your friends married and you are still waiting to be proposed to? Are you ready for marriage but he isn’t, here are simply tips to make him ask you the big question

  • · Ensure he is the right man; finding out if he is the right man for you is the first step because if you apply all the tips in the world on a wrong man, it wont work, even if it does, and he finally propose, the marriage will not last for a long time. Finding out is easier than you think; ask yourself the following questions, does he respect you? Does he like your family? Does he like kids? Does your inner mind tell you he is the right one for you? What do your family and friends think about him? And many more, and if you think he is the right one for you, then move to the second tips.

     ·         Find out what is delaying him; it might be you and/or your character that is stopping him from proposing, so find out what you might be doing to make him not want to propose and correct it. Find out what the problem is and solve it at once


·         Make him feel at home with you; make him feel you are the right one, cook dinner for him some times, wash  and iron his clothes sometimes, be his friend and make him feel he can share his life and problems with you, listen to him when he is talking and share your problem with him too. Be his girlfriend and his best friend.


·         Stop nagging; the most common problem most ladies have is nagging, and not all men wants to have a nagging wife, so it might be that nagging habit of yours that is stopping him from proposing, so stop nagging, its not easy to stop I know, but if you want to be married, you just have to stop it.


·         Introduce him to your family; introducing him to your family and friend will make him feel you value him and that will encourage him to introduce you to his family and friends too, and that is a bold step.


·         Be his mom friend; make his mo like you, visit his mom regularly, and behave yourself while visiting because if his mom like you, she will make him  marry you


·         Give him space; following him around everywhere he goes/being with him every time will not make him marry you, it will only make him get bored and tired of you in no time, so give him space, let him live his life.


·         While finding out how to make him marry you, be careful not to force into marriage, because the marriage will not last


·         Move out, if you are living with him,because living with   him and having sex with him any time he wants will make him feel there is  no need to be married since he has all he want


·         Good luck


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    • profile image

      Johnny Sway 5 years ago

      @keva anyone that would marry a woman with six kids needs intensive counseling.

      The nagging is most definitely a good reason why he hasn't popped the question, but most guys don't even hear it after a while.

      These articles all leave out the real reasons why a guy wouldn't pop the question, it's all just hooey to get hits on their blogs.

      1. He loves you, and wants to marry you, but the sex just isn't good. Maybe it's his fault, maybe it's yours. You can either figure it out, or wait 30 years for his libido to die. No man will condemn himself to a life without B.J.'s or a woman with no sex drive.

      2. He has dreams and goals that instead of supporting them, you squash them. Even if it's a boring hobby collecting things, or a rock band he should have given up on ten years ago. You still need to be his biggest fan.

      3. Guys need to have friends. It might be okay for your entire universe to revolve around your man, but men need the company of their friends.

      4. Does he think you're the right one for him? Guys ask themselves the same questions that women do. If you're too quick to blame your man for not popping the question, you might just miss the point entirely. Maybe, you are doing something to make him feel the need to wait and see before taking that leap.

    • profile image

      daisy 6 years ago

      planing my wedding don't have a date yet but can wait 16 years and i been for him to tell me he ready finally he what to get marry i am so happy. love you wakko

    • profile image

      keva 6 years ago

      well my boyfriend n i have been together for almost three years.I have six kids(none r his),n he moved in with me..we talked about getting marriedn he seemed all for it. we even picked out colors,venues n all,,,then nothing,,i waited a few months an asked what was up n he said he's not going anywhere so jus wait on him....but i've been n that situation before..what should i do???

    • profile image

      Meechie 6 years ago

      I'm in the same boat Vera - I can't just move out. I've been with my bf for over 3 years now and both my son and I moved in just over a year ago. My son is just 4 years old, I work full time and we also have a puppy so moving out just "to see" isn't really an option.

      Not that I haven't considered it... and I will admit that I do regret moving in before the ring was on my finger. It made sense economically and I love our home, but I just gave him everything he wants (an instant family) without having to make any commitment.


    • sweetjulie profile image

      sweetjulie 7 years ago from nigeria

      try and move out, and see what happens

    • profile image

      Vera 7 years ago

      My boyfriend and i have been together for 4 years, and living together for about 2,5 of these. The advices above are great, if i just could move out. I'm not in an economical situation which would allow suck a step. Any other advice that might help? Please?

    • profile image

      TC 8 years ago

      wow, i loved the one about nagging. i have a major problem with that. i do think that when we are more calm and giving them their space (man time), they want to be around us more.

    • profile image

      romantic 8 years ago

      its so true, keep the good work up

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 8 years ago from Southern California

      Some very good advice here, especially the first one about ensuring that he is the right one. Enough couldn't be said about that. Marrying the wrong man just to be married is never a good idea. Very good hub.