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70/30 Custody Schedules: Comparing Every Weekend and Every Three Weeks

Updated on February 11, 2012

What is a 70/30 custody schedule?

The 70/30 is a custody schedule for the physical location of your child. Basically, one parent has physical custody of the child 70% of the time and the other parent has physical custody 30% of the time.

There can be joint or sole physical custody meaning that both parents are jointly responsible for the physical choices of the child or with sole physical custody only one parent is responsible. Just because a parent has sole physical custody, that does not mean the other parent has no visitation rights. This is why the time percentages are assigned in your parenting plan.

What is an every weekend schedule?

The every weekend custody schedule means that one parent has the child during the week and the other parent has the child on the weekend. To maintain the 70/30 time percentages, one parent has the child five nights and the other parent has two nights.

This schedule may be a bit harder to follow long term because one parent gets every weekend. Some parents have expressed frustration with this schedule because they get all the hard work during the week and the other parent has all the fun.

However, if this schedule works for you I recommend it. If you have a unique work, school, or travel schedule this can really work for you. Remember to choose what works best for your situation.

Below is a calendar of the every weekend schedule created on Custody X Change software. It shows visually how the schedule can work.

70/30 Every Weekend Schedule

What is the every three weeks schedule?

The every three weeks custody schedule is another option under 70/30 physical custody. This schedule has your child spending two weeks with one parent and the third week with the other. This schedule is very easy to understand and implement.

To ensure the success fo this schedule, you and the other parent need to both live close to each other and your child's school. There will need to be open lines of communication to keep each other updated on special events or activities.

The biggest issue with this schedule is some children may struggle spending long time periods away from one parent or another. It is important for you to think about your child and thier personality.

Some child prefer staying at each home longer because they feel more like a part of the family and not just a visitor. This is one of the biggest benefits of this schedule, the ability to have longer time periods with your child and have them be a part of both homes.

Below is a calendar creating on the Custody X Change software of the every three weeks schedule. You can see how this might work for you and your family.

Every Three Weeks Schedule


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