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8 Great First Date Tips for Women That Can Help You to Get a Second Date

Updated on April 29, 2018

Wear Something Decent

Wear something decent and he will respect you
Wear something decent and he will respect you


What are some first date tips that can help you to have an interesting time with a guy you have just met? What tips for a first date can help you to have a great time with a guy face-to-face after meeting online?

In this article, I want to share first date advice and some first date conversation tips with you to help you make that special day a wonderful one.

Now, what are the things you must do?

Wear Something Decent

It is not advisable to wear something suggestive or provocative which may arouse his carnal desires, which may make him start having bad fantasies, or which may make him lose respect for you—when you dress indecently, he may think you want this date just because you want to seduce him and he might not treat you with the decency which you deserve.

Therefore, avoid wearing any dress which has been cut too low, a mini-skirt, tight clothing which accentuates all the bumps and curves of your body, clothes that hug your figure, clothes that expose your underwear, and any see through clothing so that the guy will not have any wrong ideas about what you really want from this date.

Let Him Feel Relaxed

A first date can make a guy feel nervous and jittery because he may be anxious about doing everything right, and he may be worried about making a great first impression on you.

You can make things easier for the guy so that the day can go well and be more interesting by acting in a way that will make him feel that you are a cool woman, a woman who will not be marking everything he says or does, and that you are comfortable even if he goofs once in a while.

How can you do this? By smiling warmly at him when he comes to pick you up, and by greeting him warmly with a hearty hand shake.

Then, crack a joke or say something that will remind him that you are not perfect yourself and you do not expect perfection from him. For example, you might say, “I hope we can make this date an exciting one. I will try to be myself and I hope you will feel comfortable to be yourself,” or “I am happy you are here finally. I have been waiting for this moment all week. I had a hard time choosing the right outfit for this occasion. It’s normal to act this way, isn’t it? I hear you are an expert on these matters, aren’t you?”

Avoid Trying To Find Out Too Much About Him

You may wish to know all that you can about him on that first date but that can make the guy feel that he is under scrutiny and he may become defensive. Consequently, you may not have an exciting conversation and the date will end up being boring.

Rather, ask him just three or four questions about himself that will make him open up and reveal part of his life. Intersperse these questions with questions about what he thinks about what is going on in the country, in school or at the work place and so on. Give him the freedom to choose to reveal a lot about himself if he chooses to.

Some Of The Questions You May Ask

So, what are some of the questions you should consider asking him on a first date?

  • What are you working on right now?—this question will help you to start a conversation about hobbies which can help both of you to reveal more about yourselves and what makes you happy in life.
  • What kind of vacations do you like to take?—a study conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman has revealed that 18% of couples who discuss travel go on a second date. So, ask the guy what kinds of vacations he normally embarks upon and his experiences on those vacations.
  • What did you do last weekend?—it will help you to know his likes so that you can work on learning about what he loves in order for you to take the friendship to the next level. Additionally, it will help you to have great conversations, if you really like him and want to have subsequent dates with him.
  • Are you close to your sisters? What are some of the things you do with your sisters (aunties, nieces)?—it may make him reveal the way he relates to females and how he treats women in general, which will help you to guess whether he is likely to treat you with respect if you enter into a relationship with him.
  • What can you spend a whole day conversing about? What can you talk about for hours?—you will know how to start and sustain a conversation with him that he will be interested in, and which can help you to grab his attention for long periods of time.
  • Would you say you are an adventurous guy?—you are more likely to have exciting moments with a guy who goes out of his way to thrill a woman and who takes risks to make a woman enjoy the time she spends with him.

These questions, and other questions such as these, will help you to connect better on a romantic level and that will increase the chances that the guy may ask you out on a second date.

Share Interesting Stories About Yourself

Instead of telling the guy about the kind of person you are, choose to show him who you are through stories about what you have done in the past and how you have behaved in the past.

For example, if he asks you what your favorite hobbies were when you were a child, tell him a story about something funny that happened when you were playing hopscotch when you were younger. Or, if he wants to know about how you spend your leisure time, tell him a story about a wonderful time you had at a waterfall or at an amusement park some years ago. By doing this, you will make the conversation more exciting and compelling and he is more likely to enjoy your company and wish he can spend more time with you subsequently.

Relate To Him As Though You Have Known Him For Years

Many women tend to act too politely on a first date because they want to look “perfect” and they want the guy to think they are “perfect” beings.

Other girls are also too anxious to impress the guy and that makes them come across as needy and desperate—they compliment him too often or fawn on him and that puts some guys off.

However, when you act too politely or when you go the extra mile to impress, the guy will not get to know the real you and he will feel you are not real. Furthermore, it will stifle spontaneity on your part, which is attractive to some guys, and he may not enjoy the time he will spend with you.

So, try to be yourself. Take in deep breaths when you feel you are getting nervous and say something such as, “Calm down, Yaa. This is not a do-or-die affair. Relax and enjoy yourself.” Additionally, try to crack jokes, tease him, be playful, let him see that you are comfortable with yourself and that will make him grow to like you as the date goes on.

Practice Active Listening

Make sure that you don’t just hear the words he says to you, but ensure that you listen. This will make him feel that you care about what he has to share with you and, as a result, he will like you and, possibly, ask you out on a second date.

Furthermore, repeat the last three words of your date when he says something worthy of note. It will help to build rapport as well as help you to keep the conversation going.

Offer To Pay A Part Of The Bill

If you feel he might want to pay the whole bill or if you don’t know the amount of food to order, ask him the meal he would like to eat and order the same meal or a meal that costs about the same amount that his meal costs. And when the bill comes, offer to pay 50% of the bill. However, if he insists on paying for everything, thank him from the bottom of your heart and use the money you would have used to pay part of the bill to buy a gift for him.

Refrain From Having Sex

Some women agree to sleep with a man the first time they meet him, but that could affect the stability of any subsequent relationship, or there is a chance that you will not enjoy other relationships that you will enter into with other guys--a study conducted by Cornell University has revealed that women who are too quick to jump into bed with a man are more likely to have relationship dissatisfaction later on.

If you feel strongly attracted to him or he makes advances, use these strategies and these ones too to try to control yourself.


Some first date tips that will help you to have a successful date are that do your best to appear decent, try to make the guy feel relaxed when he comes to pick you up, don’t grill him with questions about himself, ask probing and insightful questions, show who you are through interesting stories, loosen up and enjoy the day, listen to him with rapt attention, and offer to pay part of the bill.

First Date Tips for Women

Do you listen actively when someone is speaking to you?

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© 2018 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      10 months ago

      Good advice!

      Adding the following also can't hurt.

      Smile or laugh if he makes an attempt to use humor.

      Flirt back or be playful if he flirts with you.

      Avoid complaining about things (the restaurant, service, food, the activity/event...etc chosen for the date)

      Don't bring up your ex, past relationships, or past dates.

      Offer genuine/sincere thanks at the conclusion of the date.


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