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Geeks Are Sexy

Updated on August 20, 2019

Geeks are sexy! This is true for both men and women. Somewhere along the line there was a culture shift and geeks got included in the pop culture mainstream world. And now you can rock a geek shirt or hobby and still be a success on Tinder or Instagram. No longer do you need to hide your gamer stuff and comic books. You can now stream and get fan mail from people who think you are sexy.

Geeks Are Smart And Smart Is Sexy

Speak geek to me! Intelligence is sexy. Most men and women want someone they can carry a conversation with. Attitude and knowledge go a long in the bedroom. Being smart can mean you know how to listen and understand your partner's wants and needs. Being well spoken can really get the mood going. And try constructing a smart message on tindr and see how better you do on getting a response.

Don't believe there are several quotes about the topic.

"I think smart is sexy. I like smart people. People that are comfortable with themselves I think is very sexy."

Gina Gershon

"I only invite intellects, wordsmiths, crazy bitches, broke bitches, and lust-monsters to my tea party."

Erin Van Vuren

"I think intelligence is Sexy"

Cillian Murphy

“Give me words that make my mind curl before my toes.”

Rachel Wolchin

Want more proof read this article about sapiosexuals:

Geek Is In

Geeks used to be depicted as the lonely guy who could not get a date if he payed for it. But not anymore. Now you have sexy geeks playing leading roles and people talking about attractive nerds. And it is both male and female geeks who are getting the attention. Being geeky is in for everyone.

Look how popular comic cons are now and the huge success of comic book movies. You can go out and rock that retro batman shirt on a first date.

There is article after article about the sexy geeks in Hollywood:

Geeks Are Passionate

Have you ever dated someone with no hobbies or interests? It can get boring fast. Geeks are passionate and that passion can be sexy. Dating someone with a lot of interests can introduce you to worlds you didn't know about you and might fin out you are geekier than you were. And if you both geek out on the same thing it will give you something to talk and bond over. Interests can go a long way in helping a relationship grow.

There Are Lots Of Celebrity Geeks

There are a lot of nerdy celebrities and more who are popping up everyday. Some of them are obvious geeks while others have geek tendencies you may not even know about.

In the male department you have some manly men on the list. For starters you got Henry Cavil, who is best known for playing Superman who was a huge W.O.W. player and is right at home playing Geralt in the new Witcher Series:

And Henry is not the only strong man playing World Of Warcraft. Vin Diesel is a huge W.O.W. player. You don't need to here it from him, here is Rhonda Rousey, another good looking ass-kicking geek, talking about playing Warcraft together.

You can also add Mila Kunis on the list of actors who play W.O.W. Moving off of gaming you have James Franco who carries a book on him between shoots and Lindey Sterling the talented violin player who has Youtube videos you have to check out.

You will find geeks of all kinds in modern pop culture world and they bring sexy with them. It could be writers who are filled with empathy to intelligent comic book nerds that are a blast to spend time with. Doing a quick Google search you will find lots of men and women who are nerdy and rocking it. So fellow geeks no longer are we seen as the anti-social oddballs of the past but are now the new wave of cool kids. Geeks are sexy.


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