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8 Romantic Ideas for a Husband You Should Try on Your Anniversary

Updated on June 2, 2017

Romantic Ideas for a Husband You Should Try on Your Anniversary

Giving your wife a wonderful kiss is one of the romantic ideas for a husband you can try on your anniversary
Giving your wife a wonderful kiss is one of the romantic ideas for a husband you can try on your anniversary | Source

Plan for It

Maybe you have been married for a considerable number of years now, or maybe for just one or two years, and your wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of the day when you first met, is coming up. You may be wondering what you can do this time to make the day special.

I want to share some creative romantic ideas for a husband that you can try on your anniversary to make it a wonderful occasion.

Plan your annual leave to coincide with the date for the anniversary, or ask for a short one week break at this time, so that you will have enough time for your wife. Let her do likewise so that you can spend some quality time together during this period, and so that you can use the opportunity to renew your love for each other.

Write Her a Love Letter

One of the romantic ideas you, as a husband, can do on your anniversary is to put your literary skills to the test and write a love letter to your wife. Write it the old-fashioned way, that is with a pen and paper, to express your gratitude to her for loving you all these years, and to tell her you will continue to love her till the end of time. After you have written the letter, put it in an envelope and address it to her. Wait till the evening of that day to give it to her as a letter from your heart.

You can write something such as, “Dear Ama, it gives me the greatest of pleasure to write this letter to you on this special day, to express my greatest gratitude to you for sticking with me so far in this love journey we are taking together. Ama, I remember that Monday in June 1990 when we met at Gloria’s house. The moment I saw you, my heart missed a beat, and I knew I could never be happy in this world, and I would not be complete, until I made you mine. Ama, I am happy you were such a great friend in the days when we started our relationship. You gave me so many things to laugh about. You lightened my life and made me know what love is, and how it felt to be loved by someone as wonderful as you. I cannot express in words how I felt the day you agreed to marry me when I proposed marriage to you. That is one of the happiest days of my life here on Earth, a day I will never forget until I say my last word on Earth. And since we married, you have been a great support, comforter, companion, friend, lover, and helper. The meals you cook for me are just amazing! Your skills in the bedroom are just refreshing! I am amazed by your humility, gentleness, kindness, sense of humor, and strength. Thank you for giving me Adwoa, Afua, Yaa, Kofi, and Akosua. Ama, I want to tell you on this wonderful day that I love you from the bottom of my heart, which is bottomless. I will love you till the sun becomes cold, or snow starts falling in Africa. I pledge to continue loving you, in good times and in bad times, and I promise you I will be loyal to you till the icy hands of death separate us. Thank you for all the love you have showed to me these years. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my life with you. Thank you for loving me. I hope next year, and for many more years to come, we will still be loving each other, as we do now. Forgive me for all the times I have proved stubborn, and any pain I have caused you so far in our marriage. I am still working on myself, and I know with your loving help, I will continue to grow as a lover. Happy anniversary, darling. Never forget that I LOVE YOU!”

Present it to her in the evening when both of you retire to your bedroom, just after you jump in bed to crown the day with a lovemaking session.

Cook Her a Meal

Let this day be a very special day for your wife by relieving her of some of the duties she normally undertakes. See the occasion as a romantic date at home and so do your best to please her.

One of the romantic ideas you can implement, as a husband, is to cook her a meal. Do it all by yourself, and refuse her help if she wants to give you a helping hand. Tell her to go and relax in the bedroom so that she will have energy for some pleasurable activities later in the night.

Let her taste a meal she has never tasted in her life before. For example, prepare this simple meal of salted almonds, which is easy to prepare, for her.

You will need about one pound of almonds for this meal, and two tablespoonfuls olive oil.

To prepare the meal:

  1. Blanch the almonds by putting them into a saucepan of cold water. Bring it to the boil.
  2. Strain and remove the almond skins.
  3. Dry the almonds thoroughly on a tin in your oven. This will prevent it spluttering when you fry them and they will remain crisp.
  4. Heat two tablespoonfuls of olive oil in a frying pan.
  5. Fry the almonds until they are even golden brown. Stir or shake the pan continuously.
  6. Drain the water.
  7. Sprinkle the almonds with fine salt.
  8. When you have finished preparing the meal, take it to your wife whilst she is in bed and serve her. Serve the almonds hot or cold in small dishes.
  9. You can decide to store some of the almonds in airtight bottles when they are cold.

This is one of the unique romantic ideas for a husband you should try.

Do the Laundry

Your wife has been shouldering the burden of doing the laundry in the house for all these years. One of the romantic ideas for a husband you should try is to give her a break on this day and do her laundry for a change to show that your love for her is very deep and real, not just love by word of mouth.

So, on this special day, early in the morning, collect all the dirty clothes she had been planning to clean. Let it be a total surprise. Shock her. Just say to her, “Ama, you know today is a very special day for both of us. As my contribution to making the day even more special, I want you to give me all your dirty clothes. Today, I am your laundry guy!” Show your enthusiasm by smiling and saying it with passion in your voice so that she will know you are doing it because you love her so much.

Write Her a Love Poem

Another romantic idea you, as a husband, can do on your anniversary to show your love for your wife, is to write a love poem for her and read it to her.

  • If you are lucky and the moon comes out during this time, hold her hand and tell her you have a surprise for her. Walk into your yard together with her. Seat her under a tree, in the evening, stand in front of her, and read it to her with passion. Smile into her face, let her see you are happy reading the poem to her. This is one of the romantic evening ideas for a husband you can try.
  • If you don’t have a yard, you can read it to her in your bedroom. Make her sit on a chair, and then stand in front of her, or kneel before her, and read it to her.
  • After you read it to her, hug her and whisper in her ear that you cherish her, and you will cherish her forever.

Praise Her Body

Say wonderful things about the different parts of your wife's body, to her. Move from her head to her toes, saying loving things about the different parts of her anatomy. You can say something such as, “You are beautiful, Ama, so beautiful I never want to look at another woman. Your head is as beautiful as a black pot. Your eyes are parrots that speak words of love to me whenever you look into my eyes with them. Your black hair is like the wool on the skin of black sheep, and you are the black sheep of unworthy women. Your teeth are as white as wool, and they are so beautiful. Your mouth is lovely, darling. The words that you speak to me are music to my ears. Your voice always sounds melodious in my ears, and sets my heart to rest whenever I hear you speak. Your red lips, Ama, are like scarlet thread, and anytime I kiss them, they give me the most wonderful feeling I can ever get in my body. Your brown cheeks are like sweet chocolates. Your neck is like the Empire State Building. Your two breasts, Ama, are like two speakers that speak to me to come to you for a nourishment of love. Your thighs are like the stately trunks of a tree, giving you support, and making you look gorgeous. Your nicely-shaped calves are wonderful to look at. Your feet are splendid, my darling. I cannot express in words the warmth I feel whenever you hug me with those beautiful hands of yours. From head to toe, you are altogether a desirable woman to look at.” This is one simple romantic idea for a husband you can do easily.

Let your wife feel good about her body. Let her know you still desire her, and that you will not leave this great body for the body of another woman.

Give Her Custom-Made Underwear

Prior to this day, have custom- made underwear, containing messages of love, made for her. Let messages such as, “Happy anniversary. May we have many more of such anniversaries,” or “I love you darling, and I will continue loving you forever, “ or “Whenever you wear this, remember we are one,” printed into the underwear. Present them to her as a gift on the day of the anniversary, and follow the presentation with a kiss.

Give Her a Wonderful Kiss

Wink at your wife, smile at her, approach her, and put your hands around your wife’s waist, pull her closer to you, lift her face, and kiss her lips, lightly at first. Then, sweep your tongue along the inside of her lower lip with speed and pressure. After this, slide the tip of your tongue inside her mouth and gently move it against the tip of her tongue, and keep moving your tongue. Do this for about ten minutes. Then, pick her up and carry her to your matrimonial bed.

Crown the Anniversary in Bed

Before this day, learn new skills in lovemaking secretly. End the anniversary by showing your wife your new lovemaking skills. Surprise her with new techniques, and try to give her an experience she has never had before in your marriage.


Put your heart into it to make it a memorable occasion your wife will remember years down the line. It will help your relationship improve, and it will also help to maintain the spark in your marriage.


Romantic Ideas for a Husband for Your Anniversary

Do you think your wife will love these ideas if you try them?

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© 2017 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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