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7 Smart Ways to Win a Guy Over On a First Date

Updated on April 26, 2018

How to Win a Guy Over On a First Date

How to win a guy over: talk about travel with him
How to win a guy over: talk about travel with him


You may have struck a friendship with this guy who you have, subsequently, developed romantic feelings for, and who you want to have a relationship with. And to your great delight, he has asked you out on a date.

And I am sure you will be delighted further to learn that according to a recent study of 80,000 people carried out in the United States, 48% of men claimed that they fell for a woman the first time they saw her. That means there is a good chance you can make the guy like you so much that he may want to have a relationship with you, on that first date.

But, how can you win his heart and his love? What are some of the things you can do to win a guy over and make him yours forever? How can you win him over the other women who may also be interested in him?

In this article, I want to show you how to win a man’s heart and how to win his love when you have a first date with him, as well as tips to help you to win over a guy on your first date so that he will date you again and again until he declares his love for you.

Now, what are the strategies you can use?

Wear Something Red

Wear a red dress with red shoes to match, or wear a red blouse and match it with a red bag. It will make you look very attractive to the guy and you are more likely to create a loving chemistry between the two of you.

Focus The Conversation On Travel

Research has shown that when a couple talk about travel on a first date, they are likely to date again. So, when you tell the guy about holidays you have spent in National Parks, your visit to Disneyland, your adventures into the jungles of Africa or Asia, a camping trip you embarked on with friends, a safari you went on in Southern Africa, the city in which you would love to get married and have your kids and stuff like that, it will captivate him and make him see that he will have an exciting, enthralling life with you if he makes you a part of his life and it may sway him to develop a strong liking for you.

Choose to talk about travel about 60% of the time you spend with him.

Ask Great Questions

Research shows that when you make a person talk about himself, he is likely to develop a liking for you. And one way you can get the guy to talk about himself is to ask him probing questions that will make him recall happy moments from his past. When you can let him feel happy this way, it will arouse affection for you in him.

Here are some questions you may ask him during the course of your conversation:

  • What Sports Do You Enjoy And Why?
  • Who Is Your Favorite Friend? Why Do You Like Him Or Her?
  • What Can Help To Change Your Mood And Make You Happy When You Become Sad?
  • What Funny Incidents Have You Experienced In The Past Year? Share Two Of Them With Me.
  • What Is Your Life’s Dream? What Will You Do When You Achieve That Dream?

Additionally, these questions too will help both of you to bond and once he feels a connection, he is more likely to fall for you.

Let Him See You Can Complement Him

Let the guy see that you can meet his need
Let the guy see that you can meet his need | Source

Let Him See That You Can Fulfill His Unmet Need

When a guy wants a woman he can go out with, or when he is looking for a life-long partner, he normally looks for a woman who has some of his positive qualities, and who in addition has strengths that he may lack.

For example, if a guy is not sociable, but he is humorous, he is likely to open his heart to a woman who shows him that she is sociable and knows how to make friends, but who is also humorous or who appreciates humor because he will reckon that she can help to create balance in his life.

So, if you see that the guy has a certain need, let him see that you can fulfill that need and he is likely to melt for you.

For example, if during the conversation you get to know that he finds it difficult to make friends, tell him stories about ways you have easily made friends with people and intersperse it with jokes or funny things that occurred during the process of establishing these friendships. He will admire you and that may help to induce feelings of affection in him for you because deep down in his mind, his subconscious will keep telling him something such as, “This is a woman for you! This is the kind of woman you need to support you! She will complement you! Go for her!”

Mimic Some Of His Gestures And Mannerisms

A study published in the journal of Sex Research has revealed that mimicking someone can make the person feel attracted to you.

When you mimic some of the guy’s gestures, he will feel a sense of synchronization and he will feel you are both on the same wavelength and so you are likely to bond well and relate well to each other. Consequently, he will love to always have you around and so he may request for subsequent dates.

So, once in a while, copy the way he moves his hands. Then, if he leans forward, do that too after about two minutes. Or, if he crosses his legs, do the same thing after a brief period of time.

Show Humility

A study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology has revealed that when a person exhibits humility, it makes him or her look attractive: some men find humility very sexy.

When you show the guy that you are a humble lady, he will reckon that you are more likely to respect and honor him and that may rouse love feelings in him because most men like a woman who submit to them.

So, use the word “please” a number of times when you are conversing with him, tell him about some of your flaws and let him know that you know you have good points, but you also realize that you have limitations.

Additionally, let him know that there are many things you do not know about men and about relationships and life.

Furthermore, let him see that you are grateful that you are who you are and for what you have achieved in life, but you also recognize that you could not have done it without the help of other people (mention the names of at least three people who have contributed to make you who you are).

Moreover, let him know that you feel life is a learning process and you feel that you have a lot more to learn about this world and human interactions and you are always willing to learn from him. He will see that you are a gem and like you for it.

Show Him That You Like Him

A study has revealed that when one shows that he or she likes someone, the other person is also likely to like the person who showed interest initially.

So, let the guy know that you wish to have a relationship with him. There are two ways you can do this. One of them is to flirt. At some point during your date conversation, lean towards him. Then, lick your lips, flick your eyelid, flip your hair for a moment, look into his eyes, give him a sweet smile, and flutter your eyelashes.

Then, lock eyes with him for a moment and then relax in your chair. It will mesmerize him and send the message that you like him and that may send him into the realms of love fantasy.

The other way you can make him know that you like him is to say it verbally. You do not need to say something as straightforward as, “I like you!” That may make him feel that you are putting undue pressure on him and he may back off as a result.

However, when you are nearing the end of your date, you may say something such as, “Isaac, you know what, I have really enjoyed this night! I don’t know if you feel it, but I get this sense of connection with you. Don’t you feel so too?” Expressing your liking for him in such a subtle manner will leave an indelible impression on his mind, he will ruminate on it and when he sees that he also had a great time, he will start developing feelings for you.


If you want to win a guy over when you date him the first time, talk about travel about 60% of the time, ask questions that will make him talk about himself, let him see that you can complement him if he falls for you, mimic some of his gestures, and humbly let him see that you like him and you will win his heart.

How to Win a Guy Over On a First Date

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© 2018 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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    • Papeeebooks profile imageAUTHOR

      Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio 

      7 months ago from Ghana

      Thank you for your comment.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      7 months ago from Victoria, Australia

      An interesting article and you have some good points here, especially about the way the girl presents herself. However, it cuts the other way, too: if the guy does not meet her expectations, she is not likely to react in the ways that he hopes she will. If he only speaks about his own interests and does not listen to hers, or his jokes are not to her taste, it will be a real turn-off and there may not be another date.


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