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8 Tinder Profile Tips for Men to Help You Find Love

Updated on April 27, 2018

Tinder Profile Tips for Men

Tinder profile tips for men: Upload a picture that shows you smiling
Tinder profile tips for men: Upload a picture that shows you smiling | Source


Yaw Mensah wants to start dating so that he can settle down and get married. Some of his male friends have found love through online dating and Yaw fancies the chance of also meeting his soul-mate through online dating. A friend told him about Tinder and he wants to set up a profile so that he can meet his dream woman there.

“I am really interested in online dating and I need some tinder profile tips for men to help me set up a good tinder profile which will make me look irresistible to the women who will read my profile,” Yaw says with a broad smile on his face.

In this article, I want to share dating profile tips with you, such as how to make your photos look attractive and what to write on your tinder profile, so that you can increase the likelihood that a woman will like you and wish to date you.

Ready to roll? Then let’s go!

Show A Group Picture In Which You Are In The Center Of The Group

Research suggests that when a person includes at least one group photo in his or her profile, he or she is more likely to get an online date.

Additionally, when you upload a group photo in which you are standing in the center of the photo, you will convey a sense of dominance which will make women feel that you are a strong man, and that is likely to make women more attracted to you.

It will be great if you can upload a group photo which shows you standing in the midst of women. It will give any woman who reads your profile the sense that you get on well with women and that will increase your “romantic value” in her eyes and make her want to date you.

Furthermore, before you upload the group picture, show a number of these photos to a number of your female friends you trust and ask them to select the best five they think you look great in—a recent study found that other people are better at picking pictures of us that appeal to other people than we are.

Smile And Tilt Your Head

A study conducted by showed that when a person exhibits a genuine smile and tilts his or her head, he or she is considered more attractive. You are more likely to be contacted by potential dates on Tinder if the women who read your profile think that you are attractive.

So, upload a picture in which you exhibit a broad smile, preferably one in which there are crinkles around your eyes, a picture in which you have tilted your head, and in which you are looking at something beautiful. It will make you look appealing to women and they would love to get to know more about you.

Let The Women See Your Beard

A study conducted by the University of New South Wales has shown that women find men with those short, stiff hairs that grow on their faces when they have not shaved in a while more attractive than men who are clean-shaven or who have full-beards.

Therefore, ensure that most of the pictures you post on your Tinder profile show you with a stubble. It will make women who see your profile like you and want to befriend you.

Let Women See That You Like Having Fun

Upload a picture in which you are enjoying yourself
Upload a picture in which you are enjoying yourself

Post A Photo That Shows You Having Fun

Post photos that show you engaging in something exciting, or doing something adventurous. By doing this, you will convey the sense that you are an adventurous guy. This will show female visitors to your profile that you are a guy who will let them experience thrilling moments that they may have never experienced in life before. Consequently, it will make some of the women who read your profile, especially those who love adventure, more willing to date you so that you can give them wonderful, thrilling experiences.

So, upload a picture in which you are doing things such as hiking with friends, playing soccer with your school mates, riding a bicycle with your family, skiing with your friends, dancing with your work colleagues, partying with friends, boat riding on a lake with friends, mountain climbing, picnicking with female friends (which shows that you enjoy a good rapport with women and so you are likely to relate well with a woman), sky diving, swimming, hiking, hunting, windsurfing, running through woods, walking on the beach and other thrilling activities.

Use Simple Language

Research shows that when one uses simple language in his or her online profile, it makes that person’s profile stick in others’ heads better.

A tasteful tinder profile, which can attract women, always uses simple language. When you use language that is simple, women will feel that you are a straightforward guy, an honest and open guy who is likely to be open when they date you—it will make you look real. Consequently, they are more likely to wish to become friends with you. Additionally, use short, crisp sentences.

So, keep your language simple. Use vocabulary that everyone can understand. For example, instead of writing something such as, “I am the epitome of gentility, a gentleman in ever y sense of the word, although I can do some wild things that can shock you,” write something such as, “I am a very gentle guy, but I can act crazy sometimes.”

When you keep your text simple, it is more likely to make a woman feel that you will communicate well with her. And because good communication is the bedrock of any good romantic relationship, it will spark an interest in a lady and make her feel that she is likely to have a great relationship with you. Hence, she would love to get to know more about you.

Apply A 80%--20% Rule

One of the easy ways to make a good tinder profile is to make sure that about 80% of your profile tells prospective dates about who you are, the kind of upbringing you had, what you do (whether you are a student or a worker), the kind of people you like to make friends with, the things you like about women, what you love about your siblings and parents, the things you do when you are relaxing, your favorite foods, your favorite colors, the kind of clothes you like to wear, the animals you like, the type of sports you enjoying watching, your favorite movies and music, and what you think about women generally.

By doing this, you will give women who view your profile an in-depth look into your life, you will open yourself up widely which will make the women see that you are an open guy, and they are more likely to want to become friends with you because women are attracted to guys who are willing to open up to them.

Then, use the remaining 20% to talk about the kind of woman you like to date, the kind of temperament you feel comfortable with, what you admire in a woman, what puts you off in a woman, how you relate to females in your family (so that women will know that you treat women right), and how you want a woman to treat you.

Exhibit A Good Sense Of Humor

Let women see that you appreciate humor
Let women see that you appreciate humor

Show That You Have A Good Sense Of Humor

Research suggests that women like guys who can make them laugh. A woman will always remember the profile of a guy who makes her laugh.

When a woman gets a sense from your profile that you can make her laugh, she will feel that she will never spend a boring moment when she is with you. Additionally, it will make her feel that you will be able to cheer her up when she is down. Consequently, she is more likely to desire to know more about you, which will motivate her to send you a message on Tinder.

Therefore, include jokes in your profile. Recall some of the funny events you have attended in the past, some funny things you saw when you were growing up, jokes your siblings and parents have shared with you in the past, jokes people have cracked to your hearing and so on, and create humor out of those memories and include them in your profile.

Alternatively, listen to funny radio programs, watch comedy videos, or visit websites such as,, or where you can get clean, love jokes from which you can get ideas to help you create your own original love and relationship jokes, which will make you look both romantic and funny in the eyes of your female readers. That will make women desire to date you so that you can make them laugh as you treat them with tender, loving care.

Additionally, upload pictures in which you are laughing at something funny, or in which you are laughing with others so that women who visit your profile will see that you have a light heart.

Be Open-minded

Refrain from giving the impression that you want a “perfect woman,” by writing things such as, “The ideal woman should be someone who…” or “I hate women who…” or “I don’t like women who…” This will make women who don’t fit your description, but who like you and may form strong, loving relationships with you, rule themselves out. Consequently, you may lose out on meeting a wonderful woman who does not meet your criteria.

Instead, try to be as open- minded as possible by writing words such as, “I don’t discriminate among women…,” or “I know everyone has flaws and so I am looking for a woman who does not pretend she is perfect,” or “I just want you to be yourself. I am adaptable and so will adjust to whatever kind of personality you have…” and so on so that a lot more women will feel that they may have a chance to date you, if they contact you. That is likely to increase the chances that you might meet a woman who will make you feel happy and with whom you can have a great,loving relationship with.


Some tinder profile tips which will increase your chances of getting a date are that you must show great pictures, preferably group pictures which convey the sense that you are a strong man, you must make your face look appealing by showing photos in which you are smiling, show a stubble, let potential dates see that you love having fun, keep your language simple and straight to the point, reveal a lot about yourself, and show that you can make women laugh.

Additionally, you might want to learn how to write dating profiles, in addition to more ways to write great profiles, and how to start a conversation on that site so that you can find lasting love.

Tinder Profile Tips for Men

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© 2017 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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