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8 Qualities You Possess Being Grown up as an Only Child

Updated on June 19, 2020
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As an only child myself, it is more of a personal experience.

How does it feel to be a single child of your parents? I have lost the count exactly how many times I have been asked this question. But each time I find it equally difficult to come up with an appropriate response. It was great initially. When I was younger, it felt just perfect. Even I used to consider myself lucky enough for not having any siblings as I never had to share my chocolates and games. But it changed, as soon as I got older. I observed I am getting jealous of my friends for having siblings. While I feel extremely lucky for what I have now, as an only child myself I think being grown up solo makes you feel a certain way.

And here is why:

1. You are a Strong-Individual

With no siblings around, you grow up independent. Only children are so used to live alone that they develop a strong sense of independence and it's difficult to break. Over the time you grow a sense of individuality. You enjoy enormous freedom and allowed to be everything you want to be, this is one of the contributory factors to the strong individuality you possess. In your adulthood, as a consequence, you become your own support system and prefer to do things on your own. Only children are more flexible in gender roles. They are often exempted from gender definition. The parents of an only child are usually less traditional when it comes to sex-role attitudes. This is another reason behind your strong individuality.

2. You tend to Be Responsible

Being an only child makes you more responsible. Usually, you feel an obligation to live up to your parents expectations. And when you grow up, in the absence of any of your siblings, you have the responsibility to take care of your parents. The feeling that your parents have no one but you to rely on makes you more responsible.

3. You are Very Close to Your Parents

While growing up you never have to fight for attention. Without siblings you get all of your parent’s attention and time. You grow up with parents as your primary companions. Not surprisingly, you end up developing a very close bond with them. There is a sense of attachment you develop with your parents. When you grow up your parents become your best friends and you can always count on them being there for you. Particularly during the adolescent passage when parents and their only child often remain in close contact in comparison to multiple children and with their help he can easily avoid any unwanted situation.

4. You Know How to Keep Yourself Entertained

As a child most of your time, you have spent alone. Due to this very fact you are exceptionally good at finding ways to keep yourself occupied and entertained. You don’t let yourself get bored and keep doing something productive. With no one to be compare to, you can define yourself on your own terms. You have a deep understanding of yourself, including your capabilities, expertise and weakness.

5. You Possess Amazing Determination

All the undivided attention that you get from your parents makes you bit stubborn. And it is your stubborn nature that makes you determined. Willfulness is a part of your personality. This empowers you to be opinionated and ambitious. You are well aware of your needs, and you know how to achieve them. You tend to be Self-aware, self-invested. You respect who you are and you are determined to stay true to yourself.

6. You Possess a Sense of Maturity

You often find yourself acting like little mature in comparison to your friends. You frequently know better than other children how to put yourself forward in the grown-up world. At home, your opinion has always been taken into serious consideration by your parents. You are often invited to have your voice in adult matters, such as household purchase or future plans. This makes you confident enough to speak up and hold forth specially with adults.

7. You are Sensitive

Due to your usually delicate parenting, you tend to develop a high degree of emotional sensitivity. You have been brought up with carefulness and conscientiousness. Parents of an only child are so connected to their single being that they find it difficult to be harsh with him. They jump in with comfort at the smallest sign of distress.

On the problematic side this treatment can foster an overly sensitive child. In consequence the child can be easily hurt and offended by the roughness in a relationship outside of the family.

On the other hand, having siblings teach you how to take the rough with the smooth and consequently bless you with a thicker skin. Being brought up without playful teasing, means you are a bit sensitive as an adult.

8. You Find Comfort in Solitude

In the absence of a playmate, an only child often ends up spending most of his time on his own. This makes him comfortable in his own space. You often find yourself enjoying your own company. And there is nothing wrong with the ‘idea of being alone’, in fact it’s a quality that we all need to possess. Solitude is necessary for our mental well-being as in our daily rush we often forget spending a little time with ourselves.

These are some common outcomes being brought up solo. But it is highly subjective as everyone has different childhood and family and we tend to have different perspectives as well. As an only child myself, it is short of a personal account. I would love to know your views on this.


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