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5 types of military wives.

Updated on August 31, 2015

here in america we have many things like mcdonalds, dvr, bouncey castles, and so forth but one thing we have plenty of in america is military spouses including myself as a military spouse i have had the opportunity to see many great and wonderful things, I get to meet new people from around the country, and traveling can be pretty great sometimes, but one of the things that you see when you are married into the military are different species of military spouses and when i say species i mean it some of these spouses have so much going on in that brain of theirs you would think they were from a completely different planet, so i present to you 5 different types of military spouses.

5. the wife who gets dumb tattoos...

understanding the mind of some of these military wives is a very complex or easy thing sometimes but the one thing that im trying to figure out is HIS RANK? WHY?? and this doesnt even begin to explain how stupid their tattoos really are.

4. the wife who cheats.

One thing ive noticed alot of as military spouse is spouses who cheat on their husbands while he/she is away on a deployment. the thing is when these spouses are confronted a long list of reasons come up to cover their actions like- oh i was so lonely, or my husband said i should try new things, or were taking a break and 99% of the time all of these excuses are complete bull pucky heres an idea ladies stay faithful to your man while he stays faithful to our country as simple as that!

3. The wife who yells at the sgt.

Sometimes things can happen that will screw up your plans or special trip to the bahamas and your husband has to report back to his unit or be at work all night or say he got in trouble and had to do push ups these things happen but what shouldn't ever happen is an angry military wife calling her husbands sgt or any leader of his for that matter and freaking out cause her husband johnny got in trouble and how dare his sgt make him push ups or how dare his sgt make it so they cant go on a 1 week trip to the bahamas that seems almost impossible to afford news flash ladies its not the sgt who chose these things to happen and they are just doing their job now stop acting like it is yours.

2. The wife who decorates her car a little too much...

Okay okay we get it your really proud to be an army wife but not actually of your husbands achievements thats okay though you do you cause while your unwrapping your next car magnet that says proud to be an army wife in bright pink and slowly carefully putting it on the same vehicle you and your husband share just so you can get some fb likes or attention remember there is alot more things to be proud of how about buying one that says i support the troops or wounded warrior project stickers or somethings involved with veterens not a pink as all hell sticker that says proud to be an army wife and dont you think that one sticker is enough after like thirty how do you even remember what the color of your vehicle was...

1. The wife who claims his rank.

So my question is this to these kind of spouses, but did you earn it? no but seriously since when have you ever went through what your spouse has gone through, since when did you ever complete the necessary training that comes with enlisting? NEVER you havent so why do you think its acceptable to say that you and your husband are both specialists, sgts, or so forth, its not acceptable its very wrong you dont need people to salute you because of your husbands rank, you cant just demand things because of your husbands rank, cause you see at the end of the day your not him and he is not you. ladies you my friends need help if this is the way your mind functions. please get it.

© 2015 brittany


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