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9 Signs You Are in the Wrong Relationship

Updated on October 21, 2017
Ashish Dadgaa profile image

Ashi is a lifestyle and relationship writer. Ashi writes about love and relationship advice, wedding tip & tricks and romantic date ideas.


A close relationship with the best partner is essential to your happiness and health. You want your relationship to be the perfect match for you, but sometimes the initial attraction isn’t enough to make a lasting partnership. Frustration, fear, tension, boredom, and anger are not emotions that you should be feeling often when you have a good romantic partnership. Judging your feelings about the relationship is a good place to begin when you are not sure if it is the right relationship for you, but here are 9 signs that it is the wrong relationship.

Sign 1


When you have lost your friends then this is a final sign and which is frequently overlooked. The person who once your best friend has now become a distant memory. When you start new a relationship, it’s obvious to spend more time with your partner. However, many time together could be a signal that something is way off.

Sign 2

If you are continually changing to make your partner happy, well, that way you are not going to be pleased. You look at yourself and say, “Yeah, I want to change my dressing style,” okay, that’s nice. Go ahead. But think… is this change about you or what your partner wants it?

Sign 3


Do you think what she/he is doing while you are out or away? Do you worry where she/he is and with who? Which is not a positive sign. If you do not believe your partner, that’s a big sign of a problem. It will drive you crazy as it will cause arguments between you two.

Sign 4

When you don't trust each other your relationship is in trouble. If you have just got a feeling that your partner is hiding something from you then it might be a signal that you either need to confront them about it or move on. When something doesn’t feel right you should trust your gut. Distrust in a relationship leads to allegations and which is not a good sign of healthy relationship.

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Sign 5


Does your partner take all the decisions in your relationship? If that's the case then you should find the exit door. Your partner can dominate you or make selfish attempts to get you to do what he/she feel is good.

Sign 6

Are you always being criticized? If that is happening a lot then it can affect your self-esteem. You should understand the difference between friendly jokes or jokes to put you down. If your partner is comparing you with someone, saying your work or education isn’t as good as his/hers and any other kind of insults then this is not the person for you.

Sign 7


Good relationship support and inspire each other. Couples should talk about a lot of essential things in their relationship. They should not just discuss whether to get pizza or burger for dinner or which movie to watch on Netflix. If your partner refuses to talk about essential relationship topics, such as when to buy a home or when to have a baby then you may be in a wrong relationship. When you don't discuss the problems in the relationship then there's a huge dilemma in a relationship.

Sign 8

From time to time, it is normal to disagree with a partner but if your partner regularly makes you feel stupid or discounts your opinions, consider it a huge red flag you are in the wrong relationship.

Sign 9


If you are always angry and being in a relationship should make you feel more pleasant than it makes you disconcerted, so if you are thinking the opposite, you should call it quits.

Relationships are difficult to come by and even more hard to maintain. That’s why it’s essential to reflect upon your own dating history through the lens of self-compassion. Remember this saying– true love can’t be built and it can’t be faked. Believe your instincts and listen to your heart then only you will know if you are in the right relationship or the wrong one.

Bad relationships are like a bad investment. No matter how much you put into it you will never get anything out of it. Find someone that's worth investing in.

— Sonya Parker

© 2017 Ashi


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    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashi 3 months ago

      @Nadine May,

      Aww sorry to hear that, usually people don't understand in their initial phase of the relationship and by the time they realize its too late.

      Anyways, I am glad that you took right decision and today you also happy about that :)

      Bless you.

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image

      Ashi 3 months ago


      Yesh I totally agree with you.

      Your feelings will tell you what is right and what is wrong for you.

      You should always believe your gut feelings.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 3 months ago

      You're "unhappy" or you can't be true to yourself.

      Those are the biggest "red flags" in my opinion.

      If something doesn't feel right to you it's probably not right for you.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 3 months ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      You have made very good 9 points here. It took me 33 years to free myself from an unsuitable marriage with grace.

      During the last 5 years of my marriage, I was a marriage guidance counselor, so I knew that I needed to prepare my husband for a separation that would end up in a divorce.

      I was the first divorcee in the family, but it was the best decision I ever made.

      For the last 16 years, I have experienced what a really good relationship is like, and looking back, what I learned during my first marriage was to know what my needs are and to honor myself.