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9 Smart Ways to Get a Guy That Likes You to Ask You Out

Updated on August 29, 2017

How to Get a Guy That Likes You to Ask You Out

Being great fun is one way to get a guy that likes you to ask you out
Being great fun is one way to get a guy that likes you to ask you out | Source


Adwoa Ofori is a University student. She has met this great guy she admires and wants to go out with. He shows signs that he likes her too but has not found the courage yet to ask her to be his friend. “I adore this guy and I want to have a relationship with him. How do you get a guy that likes you to ask you out? How can you get a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend?” she asks.

To all of you young women who are also facing this same problem, this article will look at the ways to get a guy that likes you say the words, “I want to take you out!”

Let us look at what you can do to make this happen.

Let Him Know You Are Not Dating Anyone

One thing that keeps some guys from asking some women out is the fear that they may be turned down. Therefore, drop subtle hints that you are not seeing anyone at the moment when you converse with him.

Look into his eyes, smile at him, and say something such as, “You know, I wish I were dating.” Then, sigh and look away with a sad look on your face. Then look at him again and say, “I wonder what it feels like to date. I guess it feels great.” Then look sad again and look at him and say, “And here I am with no one to date me.” Pause for a moment and look into his face. It will make him see that you are not going out with any guy and he will be emboldened to come forward knowing that he is not facing any competition.

Give Him Gifts

One good way to get him to ask you out is to show him that you like him. You can do this by giving him gifts from time to time. It will make him feel indebted to you. When some guys feel that a woman has done them good by giving them a gift, they tend to like that woman because they feel that woman cares about them. Consequently they date that woman.

This guy who already likes you will like you even more because he will see that you are a thoughtful, caring woman and he will date you because of that for most guys like caring women.

So, do your research and find out what he likes best. Take into consideration his interests and hobbies, and other personal information he shares with you when you have conversations. Furthermore, his room may give you an indication of the thing she likes. For example, if you visit him and he is always reading romance books, you can infer that he likes books that talk about love. Consequently, you can choose to get him a romance novel. This will make him happy, he will like you even better, and it may make him ask you out.

Wear What He Loves

Ask the guy how he feels about the clothes you wear. In addition, find out about his favorite colors. Then, make it a point to wear those clothes he feels you look great in whenever you are going to see him.

Furthermore, wear any necklaces, beads, shoes and so on he gave you as a gift. It will tell him that you value his opinions and gifts. This will make him see that you like him a lot and it will make him like you even more and so he may find it easier to ask you out on a date.

Be Great Fun

Most guys like to go out with a woman who is exciting and can add entertainment value to their lives. A lively, joyful woman who seems happy to be alive and who can infect a man with her enthusiasm for life is extremely attractive to most men.

Therefore, do your best to be interesting and exciting when you are around him. He will enjoy being around you and desire to spend more time with you and so he will love to go out with you.

Here are a few ways you can be great fun:

  • Make funny jokes so that he can laugh.
  • Talk about exciting things happening in your life or discuss interesting things occurring in his life with him.
  • Be playful with him.
  • Challenge him to a bicycle ride through your neighborhood.
  • Invite him to parties of your female friends and dance with him.

Impress Him With Your Intelligence

Guys are attracted to and like to go out with women who exhibit that they are wise, thoughtful, and intelligent. So, when you converse with him, let him see that you are knowledgeable. Listen to the news and keep up on subjects which most guys like to talk about, such as sports, cars, and politics so that you can engage him in exciting conversations. He will see that you are a smart woman and that may make him take that giant step.

Help Him Solve His Problems

Every guy is looking for a woman who can be a helper in every sense of the word when he starts a relationship with her. One way to be a helper is to help him share his problems with him by listening to his concerns. In addition, encourage him to share his frustrations about his school life or work life.

Getting him to share his problems with you will let him see that you are a competent, capable woman he can rely on and who will add value to his life when he develops a relationship with you. So, he may want to develop a closer relationship with you, which may make him say those words which you are dying to hear.

Be a True Friend

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Let His Female Friends Give Good Testimonials About You to Him

Some guys like to go out with a woman their female friends say good things about. This is because they feel that their female friends can judge who can be a good girlfriend to them and so they trust the judgment and recommendations of their platonic girlfriends.

So, get into the good books of his female friends. Develop your friendship with them so that they will like you. Then, tell them to put in a good word for you about your positive attributes, such as your friendly character or the fact that you are a humble woman. When he sees that his female friends who like him also like you and approve of you, it will make him feel he will be choosing the right girlfriend when he chooses you and that may influence him to ask you out.

Let His Parents or Older Siblings Put in a Good Word for You

If the guy is uncertain about whether to go out with you or not, get his parents or older siblings to put in a good word for you. He will reckon that they have experience since they have passed that stage in life and so can give him credible, valuable information that will help him to make the right choice. In addition, because his parents and older brothers or sisters are authority figures in his life, he will value their opinion. So when they say that you will be a good girlfriend to him, it is likely he will believe it and that may influence him to go out with you.


If you have pure motives and you will not engage in premarital sex, you can always ask the Heavenly Father to help you out. He will be all too willing to help you. So pray a prayer such as, “Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of love. I thank you that I have met this wonderful guy, Isaac. I thank you that Isaac likes me. I know it is your wish that we marry so that we will have godly children to continue the human race. In line with that, I want to date Isaac so that we can become close friends and, possibly, lovers. I like him a lot and want him to become my close friend. Please let him see that I like him and let him respond positively. Give him the boldness to respond to all the hints I will drop so that my dream can come to pass. If he is not sure that I will make a good girlfriend, You know me. Let him see that I will be a good companion for him so that he will ask me out. Turn his heart in my favor so that he will have good will towards me so that he will say those words I expect him to say. Amen.”


To get a guy that likes you to ask you out, show you care about him and also show that you have a great personality. Furthermore, try to influence him by seeking the help of the people he loves and trusts as well as the help of the God of love.

Then, try to make the dating experience great so that you can make him fall in love with you.

All the best!

How to Get a Guy That Likes You to Ask You Out

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© 2017 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 months ago from The Caribbean

      If the guy likes the girl even a little, he might fall for it; but if he doesn't like her, will she not seem desperate? Just concerned.