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9 Smart Ways to Get the Guy You Want

Updated on April 29, 2018

How to Get The Guy

 Let him see that you enjoy life
Let him see that you enjoy life


Yaa Gyamfi has seen this gorgeous guy in her neighborhood whom she is attracted to and wants to go out with.

“I get this warm, wonderful feeling whenever I see him. I know he has got a good character, I admire him a great deal, I think about him a lot, and I feel he will be a good mate. But we are not that close and I am wondering how I can influence him to like me so that we can date. If you are attracted to a guy, how do you get the guy you feel attracted to? What are some of the things you can do to get the guy you admire to like you so that you can have a relationship with him? What can you do to make a man want you?” she asks.

Here are a few things you can do to influence a guy to like you if, like Yaa, you are also attracted to a guy and you want to have a relationship with him.

Let Him See Often That You Enjoy Life

Guys are attracted to women who show that they appreciate the gift of life—women who are full of enthusiasm about their existence, and who are full of life and energy. When you are lively, you tell a guy that you will be great fun to be with, that you will make him experience unforgettable, memorable moments when he dates you and that can influence him to desire to develop a close relationship with you so that you can help him to enjoy life and forget about some of the stress of living.

So, whenever you are with him, let him see that you enjoy the fact that you have life. Be lively, jovial, fun, lighthearted, speak with passion and energy, smile often, laugh often, say positive things about your life, speak words of encouragement, talk about the joys of being alive and it will make him gravitate towards you physically and emotionally.

Additionally, try not to be too serious about everything, laugh at some of your weaknesses and idiosyncrasies, laugh at his jokes and learn to laugh at the jokes he makes about you and it will make him see that you are an easygoing woman who will make it easy for him to relate to you.

Let Him See You Like Him

When you let him see that you think he is a great guy, he is likely to feel that you are also a wonderful woman that he should try to get to know better.

Therefore, whenever you see him, approach him and say hello and ask him about what is going on in his life. Compliment him on his dressing, his hairstyle, his demeanor for the day, a good thing or two he did for you in the past and so on so that you can make him feel some goodwill towards you, which will increase the likelihood that he will wish to develop the rapport between the two of you.

Laugh At His Jokes

According to a study carried out by the University of Miami, men are attracted to women who laugh at the funny things they say and do. So, let him see that you enjoy the funny things he says or does. Appreciate his jokes and crack your sides with laughter when he is witty or humorous, instead of just smiling or giggling, and it will make him feel that you think he is an interesting guy, which will make him feel that there is a connection and that will influence him to like you and desire to have a relationship with you.

Let Him See What Makes You Unique

Highlight what makes you different from other women so that he will see that you believe in yourself—guys like to go out with women who are comfortable with who they are and who portray it all the time. So, if you know how to dance for example, do a few dance moves when you are with him. If you can make people laugh, crack jokes to him often. Or, if you know how to play the piano, invite him to your house from time to time and impress him with your skills and it will make you look more appealing to him.

By showing him that you are different from other girls or other women, you will stand out in his eyes and that will draw him to you because he may find you intriguing, a mystery he must unravel.

Let Him See That You Love Who You Are

Most guys adore a woman who shows that she knows what she is about, who does not doubt herself and her abilities, who does not feel she is not beautiful, who does not feel that she always needs reassurance from guys, but one who shows that she needs no validation from guys to feel good about herself, who is happy with who she is and who is proud to show that she has something good to offer to a guy.

Therefore, walk like a daughter of King Jehovah and let him see that you are happy about who you are, that God’s love for you reassures you and gives you confidence that you are a special being and he may desire to associate with you when he sees how self-assured you are.

Furthermore, when you are having conversations with him, look into his face instead of looking at the floor or casting glances around the room, and compose yourself instead of fidgeting or showing signs of nervousness, which can adversely affect the quality of the conversations you will have with him and which, consequently, can give the impression that you don’t have a great personality.

Often think to yourself in such a manner, “This guy is human just as I am human. It is the same God who created both of us. He is not better than me. I have great qualities which I can use to add value to his life and so he will not be doing me a favor when he chooses to be my friend. So, I must not be anxious for he is my equal,” when you are with him and that will help you to feel composed.

Show That You Can Deal With Setbacks In A Mature Manner

Let the guy see that you don’t feel as though the world has come to an end when you don’t do well in your end of term exams, or when you don’t get a promotion you had hoped with all your heart that you would get. He will see that you are a mature woman who can accept and cope with bad times as well as good times, which will tell him that you are likely to do your best to maintain the fun and excitement in a relationship even when you experience disappointments, instead of becoming unfriendly, unco-operative and dampening the spirit of the relationship, when he develops a relationship with you, and that can help to attract him to you—guys like women who show maturity when they experience setbacks and who continue to create excitement and fun in a relationship to keep it going irrespective of the reverses they may suffer.

Flirt With Him

Flirting is one strategy you can use to get the guy to notice you and like you. How do you flirt? Make sure you look deep into his eyes whenever he looks in your direction when you are in his company and smile sweetly at him.

Additionally, from time to time, brush his hands with your fingers or playfully hold his hand and look into his face when he says something funny.

Furthermore, tease him about some of his quirks and give him more attention than you give to other guys by moving close to him when you are both with other people and that may intrigue him and make him want to find out more about you.

Let Him Respect You By Dressing Decently Everytime

Some women think that to get a guy they must expose sensitive parts of their bodies, such as their breasts, to make them look more attractive to a guy and to help to draw a guy towards them.

However, a study conducted in the United Kingdom suggests that the majority of men like women who dress decently—men are turned off by revealing clothes because it makes them feel intimidated. Additionally, many men do not respect women who wear revealing clothes.

Therefore, ensure that you dress decently and modestly all the time. It will make the guy feel attracted to you—he will respect you and feel that you are a worthy woman who can add value to his life (some guys find respectable women sexy) and that may influence him to start a close friendship with you.

Say Nice Things About Others

When you have conversations with him, focus on talking about only the good sides of others and refrain from painting people in a bad light to him. It will make him feel that you are a nice person he can have a great relationship with and that may influence him to choose to date you.

Share Emotional Information With Him

Tell him about personal things happening in your life
Tell him about personal things happening in your life

Share Emotional Stuff When You Talk To Him

When you chat or converse, focus such interactions on emotional issues and personal stuff—one well known psychologist suggests that such conversations can promote and enhance feelings of connection. When the guy feels that there is a bond between the two of you, he is more likely to give his heart to you.


To get the guy you want, let him see that you appreciate your gift of life, appreciate his jokes, let him see that you are not like the other women he knows, let him see that you are comfortable with who you are, exhibit maturity always, flirt with him sometimes, let him feel that you are a respectable woman, and let him feel that you are a nice lady he will enjoy going out with and that can make him choose you above other women.

Additionally, you may also like to know these strategies and these tricks you can use to make him date you.

How to Get the Guy

Do you think you will feel comfortable sharing emotional stuff with a guy?

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