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9 Top Online Dating Mistakes You Must Avoid As a Man

Updated on March 18, 2018

Online Dating Mistakes To Avoid As A Man

In online dating, never upload a picture in which you are wearing yellow or brown clothes
In online dating, never upload a picture in which you are wearing yellow or brown clothes | Source


Online dating can help you to find a life-long partner, if you do it well, and if you avoid certain mistakes that make people fail to find love.

So, what are some of the mistakes you must avoid on online dating sites so that you can increase the chances that women will click your profile? What should you not do on internet dating sites so that women will be attracted to your profile? And what slip-ups should you avoid so that you can find long term love through online dating?

In this article, I want to show you some things you must not do to increase your chances of making your online dating work.

Now, what should you not do?

Avoid Using An Image That Does Not Show Your Face

Some men choose to upload a picture of a soccer ball, a sports car, a house, flowers, and other images that don’t show how they truly look. Others upload pictures which show their body parts such as their muscles or their back, but which don’t show their faces, whilst others leave their profile picture blank.

However, with so many scammers online, women avoid clicking on the profiles of men who do not show a picture in which their face appears because men without profile pictures don’t seem real and trustworthy.

So, if you really want to increase the chances that women will respond to your profile, then choose to upload a picture of yourself in which you are facing the camera because research shows that profiles which have pictures receive more clicks than profiles which don’t have pictures.

Never Upload A Picture In Which You Look Unhappy

Avoid uploading a picture in which the expression on your face is neutral, placid, expressionless, or one in which you are looking very serious because women may feel that you are not worthy of trust and so they may ignore your profile.

Rather, upload a picture in which you are smiling broadly, or one in which you are having fun and laughing: according to one study carried out in the United Kingdom, people make judgments on whether a person is worthy of trust or not based on his facial muscles: when you upload a picture in which you are smiling, when you appear to be happy, people feel that they can trust you.

When women who visit your profile page feel that they can trust you, they are more likely to want to know you more and so are more likely to send you a message.

Don’t Upload A Picture In Which You Are Wearing Yellow Or Brown Clothes

Several studies suggest that women are turned off when they see pictures in which guys are wearing yellow or brown clothes because women feel that men don’t look attractive in such colors.

Therefore, upload pictures in which you are wearing something red, blue, black, or green which research suggest are colors that women love to see men wear, so that you can attract more clicks.

Do Not Send The Same Message To Multiple Women

Studies done by some dating sites suggest that men who send the same message to multiple women, or who send very similar messages to multiple women, get very few responses from women, even if they are handsome guys, and even if they have great dating profiles.

So, avoid copying and pasting the same message to different women. Craft a unique message for every women you send a message to and let that message be based on the personality she reveals in her profile.

Furthermore, avoid using phrases such as, “Hi, how are you…?” “How are you doing?” “How are you doing today?” “I am a nice guy looking for a nice girl…” “…would like to get to know more about you…,” “…would like to get to know you better…,” “…I hope to hear from you soon…,” “I am looking forward to hearing from you…,” which some studies have revealed do not get a lot of responses from women because they have been used so many times by many men that women are put off when they see these words.

Do Not Sound Negative

Many men who are looking for love online give information about the kind of woman they do not want, instead of giving information about the kind of woman they feel can make them happy.

For example, instead of writing something such as, “I like watching soccer and I would love to meet a woman who also likes watching soccer…,” they write, “I don’t want a woman who has no interest in soccer because I am addicted to watching the beautiful game and would like to meet a woman who also loves this passion of mine…”

When you choose to focus on the negative traits instead of focusing on positive traits, women who visit your profile will feel that you are judgmental and that will turn away many potential dates.

Never Use These Words On Your Dating Profile

Studies carried out by a number of dating sites suggest that certain words can turn women off and decrease your chances of getting clicks on your profile.

Words such as “quiet,” “I am a good listener…,” “I am a caring guy…,” “I am very respectful…,” “happy,” and “spiritual” are big turn-offs for women and so you must avoid including them in your online dating profile description.

Do Not Sound Too Philosophical

Avoid trying to show off your intellectual capabilities or trying to sound too academic because it will make you appear as a killjoy and that may drive women away from your profile. People join dating websites because they want to have fun and meet people who can entertain them and you must do your best to sound interesting and exciting and that will increase the chances that your profile will look attractive to women.

Avoid Ending Your Dates On Boring Notes

Do not end an online dating session by writing something such as, “I hope you had a good time. I will meet you again tomorrow, won’t I? Signing off on such a note every time, being so predictable, will make your date feel bored over time and she may look for someone else who can excite her.

Rather, always leave her with something she can think about until you meet again, such as a joke or an interesting story, or create suspense in her mind by saying, “I have a surprise for you the next time we meet.” before you ask your match out. This strategy will keep her thinking about you when you are both offline and she will always look forward to meeting you again online because she will feel you have new things up your sleeve and she will be curious to know what surprise you will spring up on her next.

Don’t Neglect To Research About Your Partner

Some men fail to do background checks about the women they are dating and assume the women they are communicating with are who they say they are. However, there are many scammers who take advantage of gullible and naïve men and so you must research and find out about your partner so that you can make sure that you are communicating with a genuine person. You may use these tips to find out more about your partner.


Some online dating mistakes you must avoid are: do not upload pictures in which your face does not appear, don’t upload a picture in which you look too serious or unhappy, don’t send the same message to multiple women, don’t sound judgmental, and ensure that you continually research about the woman you are dating.

Additionally, you may want to learn these tips, these tips too, and these tricks so that you can enhance your online dating experience.

Online Dating Mistakes To Avoid As A Man

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© 2018 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      7 months ago


      Looking one's best & having a positive outlook on life is important. Ultimately the goal is to find someone who will love you for (you).

      Most people want to be loved and accepted for who (they) are.

      In a world with over 7 Billion people rejection just means: NEXT!


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