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9 tips for your first night love making

Updated on April 14, 2016

Step by step guide for a wedding night sex

Before you decided to marry your husband or wife, you must have known each other for several years. Some of you may have been staying together for quite sometimes. Either you are still a virgin and will have sex for the first time with you husband or this is going to be the first sex after wedding as a husband and wife, don’t rush or panic, I have 9 tips for your first wedding night sex.

1. Plan for your wedding night

Discuss openly with each other about your wedding night. By exchanging ideas you will roughly know what type of night both of you will go through and when you plan things properly, your wedding night will go smoothly.

2. Avoid sex few weeks before wedding

This is very important for you to create a good mood during your wedding night. Just imagine when you are hungry, you will eat as much as you can right? To ensure you don’t break this rule, don’t live together for the time being. One of you may stay with your parents or friends until your big day.

3. Try something new or different

Read books or watch some videos or get a little advice from experts. This will definitely give you some new ideas for your wedding night sex.

4. Take things slowly

Don’t rush things. Make it like it is your first love night. Try to make it among your most romantic and intimate sexual experiences.This is one time event in your lifetime (hopefully) and make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

5. Extent your wedding night to a wedding morning

Wedding will definitely make you exhausted. If both of you are too tired to have sex, isn’t it sweet if you can wait until tomorrow morning? After a couple of hours of sleep, you will have better mood to make love.

6. Wear something special

Wedding night lingerie can really help the mood. Pick something a little different than what you usually wear to excite your partner. Make sure you feel confident in it, as a confident lover is almost always a better lover.

7. Set the stage

Help yourselves get into the mood by setting the stage. Light some candles, bring some CDs and a radio, scatter rosepetals, or do whatever helps you get in the mood. And don't be afraid to kick friends and family out early. While they may tease you a little, they will certainly understand!

8. Flirt with each other

Compliment one another. Don't bother about the rest of the family. Your family and friends already had good time at your wedding. Now is the time for you to take care of yourself and your good mood. Exchange kisses, looks and occasional touches. That will create a mood for the night.

9. Lower your expectations

Both of you are tired. Organizing and attending a wedding is not a piece of cake. Just enjoy the moment and stay in each others arms if you are too tired for something else. Just take it easy and look at things calmly. After all, you will have your whole life together.

Personal recommendation

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Wedding night bed is very important...


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    • profile image

      anni 5 years ago

      me ....awaiting to see my hubby....lots of dream....above tips are usefull......i was kidish all these days ...even though i am more kidish

    • profile image

      sophia 5 years ago

      i think this would be beautiful pal of my life and i am quite excited for it.

    • profile image

      kims3003 5 years ago

      well done hub with very helpful information and suggestions.

    • profile image

      salman 5 years ago

      he he anni? in one page u all fine now//don act gals..wake up

    • profile image

      madhu 5 years ago

      welldone iam ok and sucesss at first night

    • profile image

      Flickaa 5 years ago

      Mine is in 2 weeks, I'm nervous but excited, uhh

    • profile image

      mona 4 years ago

      i m tooooooo exited fr my marraige........yuppie

    • profile image

      gauri 4 years ago

      i want my wife to sit in my arms

    • profile image

      Ishq 4 years ago

      Am waiting for my Wife.

      Am 25 and so far i don't know who will be my wife.

      God pls show me her

    • profile image

      rocky 3 years ago

      Opp...I have date wth my g.frnd...and I have fyn n8t wth her I jus enjoyed a lot andv both enjoyed through kiss, hug and nudi...its fyn n8t with her and v r waiting for our 1st n8t...

    • profile image

      Basu 3 years ago

      this is very useful tips. you may follow it.

    • profile image

      sham 3 years ago

      It s a gud tips 2 all.

    • profile image

      saratha 3 years ago

      I also really very excited

    • profile image

      lalitha 3 years ago

      I was also excited for first night. caressing kissing and cuddling by hubby made me comfortable and I gained confidence. but insertion did a lot of pain but at later stage I enjoyed. its a wow feeling

    • profile image

      piya 2 years ago

      I am waitting for my first night bcz it make me special..

    • profile image

      santhosh yadhav 2 years ago

      Realy some ideas given fr my first night sex,thank u.

    • profile image

      alya 2 years ago

      smthng nesery.vgood idea

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