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A Blog From God To You

Updated on November 28, 2009

Experience The Joy Of Knowing God


To: You

Date: Today

From: God

Subject: Single Life

Reference : Experience The Joy Of Knowing The Lord

Dear Precious One,

I want you to know you are loved. As you get closer to me I promise to make a difference in your life. Those who have made this commitment to me enjoy the priviledge of experiencing the joy of knowing my peace and joy. It is something you cannot buy or find anywhere. You can only find it in my Word, the Bible. There you will find everything you need to guide you in the relationships you enter into or the one you are currently in.

The book of Proverbs teaches you how to attain wisdom. It teaches you how to do what is right, just and fair in life. When wisdom is applied in relationships alot of the silly games and the practices that you can enter into as a single can be avoided.

Discernment, or in other words, the ability to have insight into the character and motives of individuals can occur when you are led by me. Can you imagine the bad soul destroying relationships you could have avoided?

Simply I am trying to tell you that when you know me and my Word I will make the difference in the outcomes of your relationships with others. I will guide you , direct you, teach and comfort you every step of the way.

This is my promise to you.


It Is Easier To Trust God For A Few Months Than A Few Year

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