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A Boy and a Girl

Updated on February 25, 2017

Life was normal for both of them. They had both gone to school, continued to university and were both working in very different careers. The boy had come from a small town and had studied Medicine in college. He had went on to work in the city hospital. The girl had come from the city and had studied Engineering. She was working for a large construction firm.

On a particular day the girl had gone to work as normal. On that day as she went to work she was unaware that her life was about to change forever. On that day she felt a slight pain in her back. She choose to ignore it for the time being but it got increasingly worse as the day progressed. As evening came she could not take the pain anymore. She excused herself from work and went straight to the A & E.

On the same particular day the boy had also gone to work as normal. He too had no idea that his life would change forever. Just as he was finishing his day shift and getting ready to go home for the night, a girl walked in the door of the hospital. As he saw her he could see the pain etched in her face. Then she collapsed on the floor in front of him.

The girl was immediately taken to a hospital bed. She underwent test after test and finally she got the devastating news that the pain in her back was in fact cancer. From the moment she entered the hospital, and collapsed in front of the boy, she was never to leave that hospital again. Her parents and family would come and visit her every day.

The boy took the girl from the hospital floor in his arms and carried her to her hospital bed. He didn’t go home. He stayed with the girl until late into the night. He made sure that he did everything he could to help her and take away her pain. He made sure that every test was done to find the cause of the girl’s pain. He was the one he gave her the devastating news that she had developed cancer. He held her hand gently as he told her and held back his own tears.

The girl would not spend very long in hospital before she was to die. She did undergo surgery and chemotherapy but would never become strong enough to go back to her home. Her family were with her on the evening, just two weeks after she entered the hospital, when she passed from this world. The girl was just 27 years old. The boy was also there that night.

The boy left the hospital late that night wondering to himself how such a beautiful, young girl could be given such a devastating disease. He went to work early, and stayed late, every day for the following two weeks. Je got to know the girl. He laughed with her, he cried with her, he sat with her so she was not alone. He held her hand when she became scared. He gave her strength when she needed it most.

The girl was never alone for the last two weeks of her life. She always had the boy beside her. When she passed she went to a new world, but she never forgot the boy and she in turn was always by his side. The kindness of this boy had made the last two weeks of her life more enjoyable than many of the weeks that had passed before.

The boy went on to become a specialist in cancer research. He never forgot the girl and not a moment passed when he didn’t think of her. It was her strength that carried him through many difficult times in his own life.

This girl and boy never had the chance to do a lot of things but yet their bond was so strong it could never be broken. People touch us in the most mysterious ways sometimes and can spend a short time in our lives leaving a big imprint.


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