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A Different Perspective Black Men As Terrorist

Updated on October 6, 2017

For The Record

Madame Noire article published attempted to explain why black men should, or could, be considered terrorist. The article came complete with a catchy title: Why I Consider Calling Black Men Terrorists : ...

Let me just say for the record invading personal space, shouting at someone to get attention, following you, being loud or overly aggressive, and insulting people is not acceptable behavior. Every person has the right not to feel violated, objectified, or disrespected.

In response to this controversial article please allow me to briefly address some points made by the writer of this article. The experience for the writer of this article appears to have been a disturbing but small part of the author’s day. This man, based on your description, appeared to have little to no respect for women. The man clearly was a miserable person attempting to draw someone into his miserable world. The individual insulting the writer wanted to transfer his negative energy into her world and she gave him the opportunity to drastically alter her day. This man has issues, perhaps hatred of women that reflect similar levels of melanin. Clearly, the author was in a better position in life so asking someone why they’re hateful and dysfunctional would never result in a positive intellectual dialogue. You can’t expect an ace of spades experience with a bottle of Champale.


Let's Be Honest

At some point you made the decision to engage this nut. I’m not blaming you for his comments but engaging this negative jerk, unhappy with his life, was a waste. Clearly this man was mean spirited and had issues, perhaps mental, so there was nothing to discuss with this man about his behavior. What’s the point of putting someone down economically? He knows exactly where he is in life which may be the reason why he walks around the area trying to make others feel lower than how he feels about himself. Truth is women experience hurtful situations and interactions with a variety of men. These situations are not unique to black women. Women experience infidelity, publicly or otherwise, from various men of various nationalities. Is it “better” or “more acceptable” to hide your mistresses rather than having media discover and exploit one’s infidelity? Is there such a thing as an honorable or classy cheater?

Cheating With The Maid/Housekeeper

A Few Sidebar Issues That Must Be Addressed

For the love of God, don’t bring Michael Jackson’s song with a message “They don’t really care about us” into this situation. The lyrics and meaning behind that song should not be associated with this situation. We must not disrespect the King of Pop – R.I.P.

As far as men not caring about black women; Who led the charge to get the word out about missing young black girls in DC? LL Cool J did what he could to spread the word on social media to find missing black girls in Washington, DC. He’s not alone in reaching out to uplift and support the community, showing care for African American women. Several black men came out to draw attention to this situation so there are men that care.

As far as mentioning supporting artists like R. Kelly despite allegations and charges violating young ladies, it’s not just black men that harm the community or harm young girls.

When you described black men as terrorists the definition of that word is not exclusive to black men. I can think of men that aren’t African American that fit the description you provided. I’ve volunteered in the past to spread the word about ending domestic violence against women/intimate partners. During orientation the videos, and stories shared, were not all stories of harm at the hands of black men. People are victims of domestic violence at the hands of any race/nationality/or class level. Violation of women is not exclusive to a particular race or group of people. Look at Andrew Luster for instance, who would expect him to commit the crimes he did?

Remember these two?

Stereotypes & Negative Perception

Let me explain the effects of being painted with stereotypes as a reality. Oh she’s a black woman, she must be:




have a bunch of babies with random men currently on welfare

doesn’t know who her father is

raised in poverty


must know how to twerk


passed around over sexualized

How offensive-right? It is offensive, right? Such sweeping negative generalizations allow African American sounding names listed on resumes to be discarded because “those people” aren’t desirable based on negative perceptions or actions of one group of people within a culture. While those stereotypes may be true for some it may not be the reality of all. Here’s where the power of individuality comes into play. You mentioned negative encounters experienced by family members at the hands of black men. Keep in mind that criminals usually terrorize the areas closest to them which applies to all races across the board.

Subconsciously when you experience negative interaction or trauma from a group of people it’s human nature to subconsciously focus your energy on seeking interaction that fits that belief. It’s human nature to ignore 50 black men that are decent and nice to focus on 2-3 men that fit your negative perception of a group. What does that look like in real life? I would often try to get my male friends to understand this when they might complain about how loud and mean black women were when they would attempt to approach them. I would mention that they most likely identified scantily clad, loud, ratchet type women to approach and then try to apply the responses they received to all black women. I would point out they probably never approached the women being nice to the waiters/waitress, laughing with other people, or being kind to other patrons while waiting on their table. The reason why they just never seemed to notice or approach such women is because they had a desire to create a certain experience to validate their negative perspective of black women.


Bottom Line

You let someone, who just so happened to be a black man, miserable and mean destroy your entire day. Guess what? People of all colors are good. People of all colors can be mean/evil. Clearly you were in a better position in life so why even acknowledge this nut job’s insults or hurtful comments. You gave him relevance in your life by making him your focus. I’ve had women say things to me to try and get a rise however if they are foolish most of the time I act like I didn’t hear them because their level of vibration is too low for me to engage them in their foolishness. Just as you wouldn’t want black men or society to categorized you as a certain type we must be careful not to do the same to others. People are a product of their parents, socio-economic background, religious beliefs, life experiences, class levels and other factors. People are not only defined by their skin color.

When father issues or lack of positive men are not present for little girls to experience or witness this can create a host of problems when it comes to relating to someone that mirrors the physical features of men that hurt or abandoned a little girl.

For the record:

“Ain’t sh*t black men are dangerous”


Ain’t sh*t Caucasian men are dangerous

Ain’t sh*t Latino men are dangerous

Ain’t sh*t Asian men are dangerous

Shall I continue?



There are good wonderful good black men out there. Men that know their history, value their culture, and strive to be great husbands and fathers. There are two great divides that often exist, race and class. When you consider this situation please consider I’ve met black men that volunteer in the community, attempt to provided knowledge and wisdom to help others, respect and love their family, and try to do the right thing. Remember, people that hurt often lash out at others. There are good people and bad people in every race and gender, bottom line black men are not terrorist. The issues not addressed become monsters that we project unto other people. Be careful go building good fences……

Beware of Fences


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