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A Few Ideas To Make This Summer A Blast For You And Your Partner!

Updated on July 30, 2011

There are many things you can do for the summer, and I cover most of it in my free bonus report titled "10 Romantic Tips For The Summer That Will Make your Relationship Sizzle!" for those who subscribe to my monthly e-zine. However there are a few things that didn't make the top ten list, but I feel that it's just as important to talk about.

1. Enjoy the night out. Go to a comedy show, dancing, or to a play. If you're in an area that has horses & carriages, take a ride around town on it. You may also go to a nice restaurant with good lighting. If the restaurant has tables outside, see if you could arrange to be seated out there. You could also plan a picnic or sit in a park and hire someone to play soft music for you (if your budget permits).

2. Play a sport or take up a hobby together. Play a game of one-on-one of basketball, go swimming, etc. You can also teach each other things that you both have interest in- and try to be open-minded. You never know, you may start to like the things your partner enjoys.

3. Communicate. Ask your partner what he/she would like to do this summer and give it serious consideration. Remember to be open-minded because the key is to make this summer a blast for both you and your partner.


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