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A Few Tips For A Happy Married Life

Updated on July 20, 2012

If you delve deep and look at the relationship problems caused between spouses, you will observe that there are certain general mistakes either of them may have committed. It is better you know about them so that you can have a good and durable relationship with your spouse.

- You should never speak ill of your spouse to your friends, relatives and others. If your spouse comes to know of it, it will certainly strain the relationship. Instead, if you practice talking good about your spouse, it will strengthen the relationship.

- If you are not attentive when your spouse speaks, that may irritate him or her. You may be involved in some other important matter but it does not mean what your spouse speaks is not important. In many of the instances, the Internet and the television play the spoilsport. You should therefore willingly pay attention to what your spouse says. You should never forget the fact that communication is the key ingredient for a happy married life. So, you should not allow any other thing to come in the way of communication between you and your spouse.

- Another mistake you may commit is to expect your spouse to be your mind-reader. Mind-reading is impossible unless your spouse has some extra powers. So, if you expect your spouse to read your mind and act accordingly, it may prove to be a wrong expectation. Apart from facing disappointment, you may start nurturing apathy towards your spouse. If you want to have a good married life, you can clearly tell your expectations to your spouse.

- Sexual relationship or intimacy is very important for sustained relationship between spouses. If there is a problem with this, it may pave way for major differences. It is better you consult a therapist or a counselor immediately to rectify the problem.

- You should never forget the fact that you and your spouse are only human beings and both of you can not be omniscient. So, there are bound to be mistakes in making decisions, choices, etc. So, you and your spouse should stop expecting that the other should always do the right things or talk only the right ideas.

- You and your spouse should not preach something and practice the opposite. If you say that you will do a particular task, you should do. Breaking your own promises or words may strain the relationship.

- In your married life, there is a lot of scope for fun, laughter and enjoyment. But, you should not try to have fun by hurtfully teasing your spouse. You can certainly find out if your spouse likes your comments or not. When you feel that you have crossed the limits, there is nothing wrong in apologizing and making a decision not to commit the mistake again.

- A mistake that may break the relationship is to be dishonest and be secretive and to speak lies. Once there is a lack of trust between you and your spouse, it may be difficult to cement the relationship again.

- You and your spouse should maintain clean habits. If one of you is hygiene-conscious and the other is lax in personal hygiene, it may certainly annoy the other. Likewise, arriving late for appointments may also be an irritant.

- A survey conducted has revealed that marriages break if either of the spouses is a spendthrift or is very selfish and greedy. These qualities may ruin the finances of the family. So, both the husband and the wife should have a frank talk and have a sound financial planning.

- Both the husband and the wife should control their anger as far as possible. Extreme anger may not allow them to think clearly and it may lead to major problems. It may even lead to a split. So, both the people should find out ways to keep this emotion under check.


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