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How to Defrentiate between a Friend and Foe

Updated on July 2, 2016

How many times have we met a person who we thought was going to be our bff, but end up getting hurt by them? Why is it that we trust some people so quickly even when we know we might get hurt? There are soo many questions when it comes to relationships such as friendship, but not enough answers to help us through them all.


I find it rather astonishing how the word 'promise' means so little to so many. Especially when the promise is regarding a relationship as fragile as friendship.

I still remember that night we first met. You were sitting in the cafeteria drowning in the stress of the tedious university assignments as I was buying my favorite fries and gravy. To be honest, I was insanely nervous as I approached you becuase I didn't know what I was stepping into. With my past experiences pulling me back, I was uncertain if I even wanted to make a move. But something about you assured me that things would be different this time. As we got to know more about each other through the late-night ice creams and poutines, a part of me told myself to let go of the past and be free. This feeling of starting fresh felt so good. As if I was a new person. Perhaps a better one. Girl, you went from being a stranger to a friend to a best friend in the blink of an eye! And I thought we sealed the deal with the promise you made of being friends come whatever.


It all seemed to be going so well. So well that I knew it was bound to get bumpy real soon. But I thought our friendship could withstand anything. Little did I know what was coming for me. The thing that tore us apart is the one thing that we swore would never even touch us. That senior boyfriend of yours came along faster than the Flash. As the days grew longer, so did the distance between us. We went from meeting more than 10 times a day to less than once every 10 days. You were slowly drifting away and I didn't know what to do. I tried everything I could. I thought I meant as much to you as you did to me, but I didn't. Through all those sleepless nights and midnight tears, I tried to think of why you would have changed so much! I thought and thought and thought so hard but was never able to find out why. We tried to talk things through and it felt real good that day to have talked to you after so long. It felt like the good old times, but as time passed again, so did you. And this time you did not come back. Before I knew it, you went out that door and took many of those I cared about with you. Although it was difficult forgetting you, time helped me heal. You taught me that true friends never leave you come whatever, and if they do, then they are not worth crying for. In the end, I must admit that you definitely taught me how to be much stronger and for that I thank you.

I may not mean anything to you now, but girl, do know that you definitely meant a whole lot to me. And although I may not be there to celebrate the milestones of your life with you, always know that I wish nothing but the best for you and will always be that shoulder you could lean on. Good luck and farewell!

Life is a roller coaster, but one which we ride blind. We can only have hope about the future but no guarantees, yet we are all guilty of battering ourselves about matters that are much beyond our control. So before making promises to anyone about anything, think it out, and then make you move. The most important thing is that regardless of what happens, who come into our lives or who leave, we learn to love ourselves, because sweety, you are the only friend you will have until your last breath. So ride the coaster of life, but be careful whose hands you hold on to.


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