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A Girl's Dream - A Gentleman - A Romantic Perfect Lover

Updated on September 23, 2012

High School - At Home

She was 14 years old, beautiful, slim, intelligent and elegant. She grew up in a very religious conservative family where she spent most of her leisure time together with her family. Going to church on Sundays is a tradition, rest of the day they spent on the beach or somewhere else together in the city or in the farm.

Athena is her name...a name that just made for her and describes her for she was adored by most men. The name she loves for she was fascinated of the greek methology and the goddesses of Greece.

She was an active girl, she loves to dance and has attained a certain status as one of the most beautiful girl in town. At school she won in most beauty competition. She participated in other extra curriculum activities and had been to other islands in the country as a participant of the student delegates representing the province.

Most men she met where gentlemen but not like her dream of a romantic perfect lover. She was not in a hurry of having a relationship with someone not until she met her perfect man.

She was lying in the sofa, her head on her mother's lap. Her mother caressed her long smooth dark brown hair as her mother said, "take time, wait for the right time, the time when you fell butterflies in your stomach, when your heart beats faster, and feel blood running on your warm cheeks. When you are ready for it, you will know it is him".

She dreamed of a tall, slim figured, well tanned skin, intelligent, gentle and romatic lover. She was wishing and praying to meet her prince someday. Sometimes she managed to comfort herself that her dream was only in the books, the ones she was reading and that this dream will never come true. She loved to read great love story novels...that she sometimes cried and jumped with joy reading a happy end story. She was a girl full of emotions and sympathy.

The town she lives was so peaceful, an atmosphere of tranquility, that begins at 6:00 in the evening when the streets were empty, surrounded by the darkness.

The next city was about 30 minutes ride away from her place. She had never gone in a discotheque, all she experienced were the teenager birthday parties or school parties arranged with her schoolmates.

The men who were interested in her have to visit her in her parent's house, no extern dates allowed but in the presence of her friends she was allowed to go out for a movie in the city or go swimming in the beach.

She had just finish her high school studies, met a guy in town but it was not the one she was waiting for.

On Her College Days

She went to College away from home in the other island, a very famous Island, in the City where all types of students came from different families with all life status standards.

She was living with her sister who took her college studies in the same city but of different University. They rented a room and took breakfast, launch and dinner in a student cafeteria and restaurants. A take away food to bring home were always their option. There was also an opportunity to cook in the house which they did together with their other dormmates.

The most unforgetable time together was when they rented a room in a villa where mysterious things happened at night that they moved the next day to another dormitory.

The new dormitory was runned by a very extrem religious widow. They prayed day by day at exact 6:00 in the evening. They were allowed to go out only until 10:00 p.m. What they did was a group exercise of all the girls in the dormitory or played games, singing and dancing together.

Weekends the girls went together rooming around the shopping centers and bought necessary things for their needs. Sundays, they went together in the church early in the morning. Most of the time they were invited from a group of Engineering students going to the beach. Here were students who came from different Islands, most of them have rich parents, some were habitants of the city whose parents owned private business. They organized parties, picnics, going to a cinema for a movie and other recreational activities.

The whole four years of her college student life were the years of fulfillment, achievemnets, life experiences. The years of a girl to grow mature, decide on her own, act on her own, do and take the consequences of her own. She can do what she wanted and learned to take the responsibility of doing the right thing.

The Paranatural Game

One evening, as the girls did not have anything in mind what to do, they tried to play the paranatural game lead by one of their older dormmate. It was a game of letters, a round table and the letters were arranged around from a to z and a coin in the middle. It was 11:00 p.m.the eldest dormmate said a sort of prayer and calling for a spirit to play with them. As she was finished, they put all their fingers together above the coin and started the game by asking a question. To their surprise, the coin moved, nobody was pushing it. All fingers remained together above the coin and then it moved from other letter to another. They have lots of fun that they played until midnight. They thought of the time to sleep and wanted to stop the game, but the spirit did not want to stop, instead went on playing. The leader ask for 2 or 3 times that they want to stop the game but the spirit moved the coin to no! again...and again..The leader ask the name of the spirit and the coin moved starting S...then...A...then...T...A..that they immediately removed all their fingers from the coin and stopped the game. They were afraid...the great anxiety made them flocked together, nobody moved to go anywhere..Outside they heard somebody rooming around the house...rooming again and again...and they heard a low horrible noise of man....who roomed again...and again. It was so dark...they only have a candle light...that the leader tried to switch on the lights and the lights were turned off again. They shouted together that their Landlady woke up and came to them...asking what was going on...what was happening...Their Landlady suggested to pray together so the bad spirit will go away. That was the last time they played the game and never did it again.

A Gentleman - A Romantic Perfect Lover

She remembered the time when she met him. He was setting at the other side of the long table they all occupied in a discotheque. She saw him direct on his face and looked into his eyes inspite of the distance as he looked at her the same way she did. He smiled at her and she smiled at him with excitement in her. The music was loud...too loud that almost no one can hear if somebody's saying something, one has to shout..He looked again and pointed his finger to her and then to him, two times which means if they could dance together.

He rose up from his chair and she found herself rising up, walked to him. They dance the slow music, a very sweet romatic melody, a lover's song.They were dancing for a moment without saying a word. It had taken a few minutes of silence between them...they only wanted to hold each other for a while. He said his name...she introduced herself...and from that time..they kept on talking with each other to no limit, few songs have been played, they were still dancing together. He brought her to her chair and moved back to his place far from each other, not having the chance to talk again until it was time to leave.

She was in bed...she can't sleep...she was thinking of him..she can't get him out of her mind even as she closed her eyes...he was there. The whole night she was awake not unitl morning.

It was Sunday...time to go to church...her sister called her several times to stand up and get ready to attend the early mass. She was tired but she tried to get ready a few minutes, got a taxi with her sister so not to be late. As she was in the church, she prayed for him, to see him again and realized her dream could come true.

She heard the telephone ringing when her sister called her name, She was surprised...thought and hoped to be him at the end of the line. She heard his voice...her heart was beating faster, she felt a butterly in her stomach, her cheeks were red...she was speechless. He said hi to her...good morning...he asked if she was having a good night sleep. She said no...he said no..he wasn't either. He wanted to invite her for a dinner that night.

She thought about what her mother told her, take time...heart beating fast...feeling a butterfly in the stomach...feeling it..she knew from that moment...that the man she dreamed of has come..

She wore her best nice dress, her high heeled shoes that matches her bag. She had curlers the whole afternoon that her long hair looked terrific with curls at the buttom, she powdered her face for a fresh facial teint, she had light eye shadows that matched the color of her dress, a light black mascara that curled her long lashes, a light rouge in her cheeks, a light red purple lipstick, she was elegant and beautiful.

Her sister called her..somebody was knocking at the door. She was running into the door and opened it and she found him. He was greeting her and her sister, he said goodbye. He opened the door of the car and let her in and closed it as she made herself comfortable. On the way they heard a beautiful song and discussed about last night.

He hold her hand and helped her out of the car . They walked together...opened and closed the door for her as they enter the restaurant. He led her into the table, moved her chair back to let her comfortably sit. That was a delicious dinner and they had nice time together.

She did have some sleepless she thought again of her dream...a man...a gentleman..- a romantic lover...She said to herself: "God...let it be him..please!"

She found him...she had her dream. They had so many beautiful moments together. For more years they spent their times together in the beach with friends, island hopping, disco, dinners, etc. He sent her roses once in a while, they had a favorite, beautiful, romantic place in the beach. They had a beautiful love song. He has taken care of her...and loved her the same way she did.

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    • carolp profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Switzerland

      Thanks for the comment H P Roychoudhury. How wonderful life can be when all our dreams come true.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 

      7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      This is the pleasure of life.


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