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A Good Woman

Updated on September 5, 2015

The Substance of a Woman……..

Is not in her Gucci frames

Her overpriced eye catching clothing

Her silky straight, by the ounce hair

Her foreign vehicle

Her over financed lifestyle

Her excessive grooming expenses

Her expensive jewelry

It is………….

The size of her heart

The depth of her love

The care she has for others

The values and morals she stands for

Her loyalty to her man

Her vision for the future to excel the family

You won’t find her…….

At the club

At the strip club

Drunk on the floor

Riding you on the dance floor

Half naked in public

You might bump into her:

At the grocery store

At the book store

At a play

At the movies

At a convention

She won’t chase you. She won’t give you everything from one date with you. She will invest in getting to know you. Reaching beyond the “surface things” you want to tell her and giving you time to reveal yourself. She will be honest. She will love you for the person you are and not for the money you make. If everyone in the world turns their back on you she will be there supporting you through everything. When things fall apart she will create a strategy to put you back on top of the game. She is the person you can cry with and tell her where it hurts and she won’t put more pressure on the wound. She’s the Bonnie to your Clyde, ready to die with you if need be. If a million men walked into the room who had more money than you or looked 10x’s better than you she will still treat you like they have nothing on you.

If you ever lose her you will not find a replacement and every other woman will pale in comparison. A woman of substance is priceless.


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