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A Journey From Our Childhood Till Her Marriage

Updated on April 13, 2009

I knew her since my childhood. We played, combated, japed, squalled; did all weird things that we could, together. We grew with time and she was my best friend by now. We completed our schooling and college. I stepped out of my college and boy, wasn’t there anybody who could handle my ebullience? Fortunately, there was no one. I was so much excited and thrilled as I was ready to take on this emulous world. I joined a software firm and started earning. Gosh! Was it really me, who completed all these years under books? Well, I had to give up on that, because it really was ME!

She was pretty keen to pursue her studies further. Yeah, yeah, you got it right. She wanted to become a management maven and she was on board to chase ‘em bee yea’! She was very happy with her MBA studies and I was even happier just because she was happy.

We kept exchanging our thoughts. She used to tell me all risible things about her college and I used to impart everything regarding my corporate life, to her. Everything was just cool with both of us, until that gloomy day arrived in my life.

Her parents thought that it was time for her to get married. They started hunting for a groom. I was completely shattered when I heard about that. It was her, with whom I used to express everything; be it a very small happy moment or be it a very huge deplorable aftermath! But now, with whom could I have had shared this grief? There was no one. This is when I realised that I loved her much more than I loved my parents. Look at my fate, I couldn’t express it to her at this time. I spent each and every minute of my life under the cloud of sadness, thereafter. The search was getting very intense as and when the time breezed. She didn’t show much interest in it, initially. But now, after some time, she too was serious on this.

Finally, after a very long search, her parents found a, so called, ‘perfect match’ for her. Both of them liked each other and used to converse everyday over the phone. She ain’t finding much time for me now. I can still call back the day when she told me, ‘ Hey! I’ll talk to you later. I am on call with him’. If I had to see this day, why did all this happen with me? This was the question I posed to God. She couldn’t understand that she had been bruising me so much by all these act of her’s.

Months passed on, and now they were very close to each other. I was now, seeing a completely different person in her. She has changed so much! I had given up by then. I always wanted her to lead a felicitous life. Now that she really was, I couldn’t have had asked something more than this, for her. I too was, to some extent, happy for her, now.

There it is! The day has finally arrived. Well, did you think I wouldn’t attend her marriage? This could have been my last option on this earth! Earth is so huge after all. Now, common, just because of few woeful months, I couldn’t forget those lovely, memorable years which we had lived before. She was looking so beautiful in her wedding saree. He couldn’t match her looks much, though. The ceremony finally was over. They were one now. I could just see them from a distant place.

Have you seen those ‘after marriage’ dramas? Well, you must be well versed than me. So I’ll not mention that here. You are creative enough to imagine, how it could have been, better than I can, hopefully. And there she is! Guess what? She is searching for me. I knew she was hurt, because she is going with her loved one, forever. She can’t have those lovely moments, which we used to form together, now. So I didn’t wanted her to regret more. I walked towards her and she was running towards me. She hugged me. I burst into tears.

Knock knock! Who’s that? Ah, here he comes, my inner soul, Mr. InSo! He started off giving me a lecture from within me.

“Dude, take it easy! It’s her wedding day today. Her parents didn’t have any problem, the relatives had no worries. More importantly, she herself hasn’t got any problem with this. But what the heck is your problem, bud? Look! it ought to happen, if not today, it could have been on some other day. Bid a farewell in a positive note.”

I analysed this advice of Mr. InSo. Looks like he is right.

I asked her to stop that ‘cry act’ for a while and asked her, “Have they chosen you a right person? Can you move along together for rest of your lives? I am sure you can judge this by now”, she gave me a lovely smile, and said, “Yes. They have. And yeah, we can.” Why not? After all, my brother-in-law is a gem of a person. Now, am sure both of them will sail together very jubilantly. But I will definitely miss all the fun, care and love from my most adorable sister!


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      good one deepak... is this for ur sis ?

    • profile image

      Ramya S 

      9 years ago

      That was a wonderful piece of writing!!!!

      Nothing to worry that empty space will be filled by someone ;)

      Cool get going.....


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