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Updated on January 10, 2015

Dear Kegelmaster,

Dear Kegelmaster, I began my journey to build a sense of self from the womb up, as I ended an abusive relationship. I started by learning about herbs and possible treatments for the common summer yeast infection, to expressing interest in becoming a doula and a mentor to young teen mothers as I was once one myself. I have an extensive history of women that are disconnected from their womb within my family; socially and generationally. In 2000, Basel copyrights that after a full vinyl polysiloxane cast of the vagina was done a group of women of different ethnicities, African American women's vaginal opening had a significantly smaller introitus and are the only to have the unique shape of a pumpkin seed. Black women in a comparative study are less likely to experience pelvic organ prolapse after pregnancy with low levels of severity than most other ethnicities. So why the Kegelmaster? African American women are more likely to be abused physically and sexually assaulted. Studies show that sixty percent of black girls experienced sexual abuse by age eighteen. These stats are apparent in the childhoods' of each woman in my family. As I began my development to a healthier womb, I have been raped twice, had two abortions, two live births and a number of disconjointed lovers and failed relationships. As I read authors like, Queen Afua, Cindy M. Meston and David M. Buss, I realize that African American women culturally don't develop a healthy vaginal image, and this perpetuates abusive relationships.

In the study: Das, A. "Masturbation in the United States," Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy (2007), white women were the most enthusiastic about routine vaginal self-examination. African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Pacific Islanders reported less likely to conduct vaginal self-exams. By using the Kegelmaster, a woman can observe her own cervix and the natural changes that occur over time to have a health body image.

Kegel exercises benefit women regardless of age or medical history; in Mantak Chia's "Healing Love Through the Tao-Cultivating Female Sexual Energy," the jade egg much like the Kegelmaster gives women control of involuntary muscles. When these muscle are strong, the pubococcygeus and the diaphragm function as a seal for sexual energy resulting in multiple orgasms and overall vaginal health. According to psychologist the reconditioning process after rape and other sexual assaults begins with the female rape victim conducting normal vaginal self-exams. In my experience after using the Kegelmaster I begun to have multiple orgasms, develop an understanding of black men that dispelled stereotypes and deal with my issues surrounding my molest as a child. I am a young woman in my late twenties, with two children. My mother told me during both pregnancies as my Lamaze coach, to do Kegel exercises regularly as I have always had an immediate healthy post-partum recovery. But in the same regards, after my first child I was afraid to digitally remove a tampon out of my vagina. During my labor I requested an epidural anesthesia just to deal with the gynecologist repeatedly injecting her finger to into my vagina. The Kegelmaster allows for you to feel the inside of your vagina and began healing to have a healthier relationship with yourself and your sufficient other. Thank you Kegelmaster for efficient design as I look forward to doing all 16 levels for even more fulfillment in my relationships and self development.


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