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Updated on March 16, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The meeting of someone you love may have different reactions as you respond to the situations wherein you are now exposed to submit yourself into scrutiny.The feminine side is given the opportunity to get some impression to you by your personal strength to finally evaluate the way you write and talk then later on soften her heart and give her love to you. The best way to tell your love is your true actions and commitment in making the love works for you. It takes time to make sure that someone tell you how much she loves you when all the ingredients on emotional attachment come into play such as saying how much you love her; giving fresh flowers, and showing your commitment to love her.

This is not yet the point of telling her about your love in formal way but it is the beginning of your blossomed love to finally visit her and find time for your date in order to give time to acquaint you for your strong but gentle personality. They love men with strong personality but respectful and caring; handsome and intelligent may find additional points to be fall in love. Although, a woman is usually physically attracted to good-looking man that is usually the first impression for her to be in-love. However, it is not always the case because women would like someone whom they thought would show full support of love and care…. That is the reason that married man would tell someone he loves….She is the only ONE in your life… Forever… and ever….

Dear Athena,

It is only now that I realize the importance of life as I felt the joy of being with you. I am quite timid and nervous as I walked down in the alley to finally meet you personally. I don’t know these mixed emotions that I never felt before as I thought I am quite smart and intelligent to know all the answers of the universe…However, when I talk about love experience the inner compassionate dimension is totally different as I could not spell the biological rhythm of my body. The heart beat was totally different and you need to repeat the arguments of your thought on what must be best message I could give you in the bottom of my heart… I usually practice at my room on what would be the best way to impress you for my genuine love… I should not tell about this how crazy I am to meet you but I don’t really know if I did it well when we talk.

When I met you my world was totally different as my heart beat palpitated on unusual way. It seems so hot but my hands were so cold I could not describe myself how I felt. I was glad to meet in the first time even you have your friends to you. They were really smiling at me but I do not know if I smile at them although it looked like that, I did that… Sorry if I did not talk too much I just felt that simply watching you for my love is so deep… It was no longer your smile and beauty that I admired now but how you tackled things in the reciprocity of your kindhearted the way you talked to me. I could imagine myself that I was in the ecstasy of wonderful place where fresh flowers bloomed by the sweetness of your smile. Its diverse scent made me breathe with bliss as I adored you. How I love your beauty in the authentic quintessence of your physical soul…

At this moment, I feel the same kind of excitement for my love to you. As I always say, my mind is full of loving thought. I can always picture your smiling face until the sunset. At night, I can no longer sleep thinking you again… Now I know what is a genuine love for you can experience different emotions.

I hope time will come time to accept my invitation for a dinner… I will be glad to visit at your home to visit you as a friend … for you to know me well in my pure intention of loving.

My sincere love,


Finally, you have been meeting its other… until finally you hold her hands and the rest is history for you enjoyed the love story of your life…

I love you… I love you… I love you…. I can humbly say these words to you…. Your love truly reflects my inspiration that someday I can be successful in my life. I now in the heavenly paradise and blessed by full of love in your soul. I can see full of joy in this love paradise where flowers blossomed and sweetness of the smell give me different compassion. The cloud of the blessed nature of love.


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    • Dr irum profile image

      Dr irum 

      9 years ago

      Nice hub , i enjoyed reading .


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