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A Lasting Love

Updated on February 23, 2013

My First Kiss was From a White Boy

I grew up in the South where racism was a nightmare for Black's. Signs and rules was posted all over town that read 'for whites' only.People of color didn't have public bathroom, movies we was not allow to go in a restaurant and eat. The duties of Black's was to work on farms side by side with the white man from sun up to sun down but when the day ended they went their separate ways. I was born to be a tom-boy climbing , trees fishing and following my brothers around like a little puppy. James bent, was the son of my father boss, he took to us as if we was white. We played together, ate and even drank from the same cup unknowing to his folks. I was never interested in boys because they didn't like me because of the way i look. I had long brown hair hazel-green eyes with freckles all over my body, i always wonder why my skin was light and the rest of my family was dark. Black kids call me names and white's ignored me completely. I would catch James watching me i really believed he pitied me because of the freckles. I remember walking in the woods one afternoon meeting James alone, what you doing he ask? I don't know just walking. JJ he call my name in a way that made me look at him, you know I wanted to see you. In a split second his lips had found mines, closing my eyes i accepted the kiss with feeling siring inside my body. When I open my eyes I was looking into some of the bluest eyes I had ever seen in my life, being confused i backs away. What you do that for I yelled at him, mommy told me to never let a white man do anything to me. Look at me I'm Black, that stuff don't mean nothing to me he said. You are the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life, from the first moment I saw you i wanted to kiss you. I want you to be My girlfriend I'm too young, I'm only 15. James Bent and I became lover making plans that one day we would be together for ever. At the age of 16 My world ended when the love of my life went on a prom date and sleep with a white girl of his color. A few months later Lena was pregnant with James baby, when i was told I almost died. The last talk we had was involve in tears and yelling from me. JJ I will always love you but I have to do what's right for my child.James was married a few months later, with me leaving town. I couldn't whole on to a relationship because of the lonely feeling that never left my heart because of the memories of the forbidden kiss. A few years ago I went home and saw him, when he saw me he ran to me and whispered in my ear, JJ I still love you and always will. You was My first love "My perfect Black angel."


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