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A Letter to You-I Believe in You

Updated on March 12, 2017

A Letter to You-I Believe in You.

Dear Friend

I know you are going through a very hard time and I feel for you greatly. Despair is deep within your heart and you are made to feel so helpless. I am a part of you that looks out for you all the time and you must trust implicitly that I am by your side even though you cannot see me or hear me.

I know you are pulled in many directions as to decide which is the way that will enable you to create happiness. So many times, you have tried and they have failed. And from these experiences you have not a past to indicate that anything will change and will provide the building blocks to lead you to that happiness and fulfilment.

You must trust your need for privacy. You must respect that need for yourself. It is necessary for your makeup and character that has come to bear. Time and quietude are important to you and a necessity.

While you have been faced with many situations that have called for short term solutions because of immediate necessity, you cannot afford to do this anymore.

Loving Action is....

Loving action expresses kindness

Loving action expresses harmlessness

Loving action is not intrusiveness

Loving action expresses consideration and respect for privacy of self and contemplation time

Loving action expresses a calm and soothed body

Loving action expresses right use of Will

Loving action is surrounding oneself in a nourishing environment

Loving action is not possessiveness

Loving action does not humiliate another

Loving action expresses itself through open and sincere speech

Loving action trusts and respects interdependence and independence

Loving action does not suffocate another

Loving action is expressed in allowing another person to be and trusting that dynamic

Loving action supports another

Loving action does not manipulate or deceive another

Loving action expresses humanity and compassionate behaviour


Kindness is....

Kindness is expressed through Goodwill

Kindness is softness and gentleness

Kindness is generosity of heart

Kindness is laughter and humour shared with one another

Kindness is to see the beauty in Nature

Kindness is harmlessness

Kindness is just smiling at one another just because you want to

Kindness is just saying hello to a stranger

Kindness is affection

Kindness is peace

Kindness is joy

Kindness is peacefulness


Trust is....

Trust is built on loving action and respect

Trust is following through on thought

Trust is following through on an idea

Trust is built on past experience

Trust is built upon the past

Trust for the present is reflected in the moment

Trust results by taking action

Trust is hearing your body when it speaks to you

Trust is not bought through flattery


So, dear Friend...

So, dear friend, what thoughts do you have now?

What stands out in your mind?

Is there something you need to relinquish?

What is it that you need right now?

What is it you need to take action upon?

If worry was taken away from you right now and you believed the voice of choice and the support of earth was solid and giving towards you right now and forever more, what would you want to be a constant?


Just take that one small step...

Dear Friend, what is the one step however small, you can take for yourself today that will bring about the above?

Trust yourself that this step is the right step to take.

Trust yourself to hear the need that speaks the loudest to you right now to what you need to act upon.

Trust that this will be a secure building block for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

Trust that you know who to trust

Trust that you clearly know what ensures protection and safety

While many times you doubt your decisions and abilities, know this, if anything your mind and heart are in tune with one another. Your heart and mind are in balance and work together. Trust yourself with this. Believe that your motivations and intentions are always core inspired from goodness

Do not doubt yourself.

I trust you, dear Friend

I believe in you, dear Friend

I wrote this letter to myself about 20 years ago. I wrote it in a time I needed comfort. I wrote at a time I needed to be soothed and told it was “all going to be alright”. So, for you dear friend, whoever you are, know when all seems lost or if all have left your side, just trust there is a part of you that has an higher encompassing view that is always taking care of you. Just trust. And trust yourself. You will know what decision to make and when to make it for your highest good. Take care.

Love from the Writer of this Letter

Charmaine XOX

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© 2017 ThreeKeys


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    • threekeys profile image

      ThreeKeys 5 months ago from Australia

      Thank you for your kind words jo.

    • jo miller profile image

      jo miller 5 months ago from Tennessee

      Nurturing and loving ourselves is always good for us. Hope you made it through your time of distress successfully and continue to succeed.