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A Lifetime Of New Beginnings

Updated on January 29, 2015

The Constant Change

Growing up is often one of those things you are always wishing would go fast when you're young. Once you get older, you wish it would slow down. The thing is that everything around is us is always changing. That's why I call this hub "The Constant Change" and "A Lifetime of New Beginnings."

How many times are there when something happens and whether you know it or not, it will change your life. A new beginning might mean

A new teacher

A new baby brother or sister

A new friend

It could mean a new toy or a new gift that changes your life. Maybe an instrument causing you to become a great musician later in life.

It could mean a new school

A new Job

A new boyfriend or Girlfriend

A new pet

A new interest

A new vehicle

The things in our life that change often start us on a new path of something that we may not have been aware of before. We don't always think about it because these things just happen.

Pay Attention to The Small Things

Do you pay attention to the small things? Does it ever feel as though it is hard to be connected to people? In the work place, are the people you work with just co-workers, in school, are the people just acquaintances? In other areas of your life where you come into contact with people, what are the relationships like?

It's something to think about when relationships are close ones for some people and distant ones for others. I have found through the years that it isn't as hard as I thought to develop those closer relationships with people. Most of the time, the other people are looking for the same kind of connection but struggle to obtain it. The key may be to find something that the other person is interested in and talk. Simply talk and show interest in a similar topic. This simple thing may start a relationship with someone who may have been the least likely.

I began doing a lot of listening and watching that has also led to my ability to develop long lasting ties with certain people. In other words, pay attention to what the other person is interested in and let them see what you are interested in as well.

Living Life To The Fullest

I once knew a young person who was blind. He grew up in a perfectly normal way and had a keen mind, a humorous personality, an athletic body and accepted his disability very gracefully. That young boy was very inspirational to many people. As his teacher, I was able to spend time talking to him and finding out his interests and goals. I also heard of some of his struggles and heartaches. This young man with the exception of his blindness ( which he accepted) was quite the same as all of my other students.

I found through time, that it wasn't him, but me that was different. I had this pre-determined impression in my mind that I should feel sorry for him and that it was so sad and that he must always have such a difficult time. That was just not true. Through the several years that he had been totally blind since about age 9, he had grown to live his life in a very comfortable, happy way. He had several friends. He knew how to read brail, play guitar and write songs. He was an exceptional high school wrestler and knew a great deal about weightlifting and training. He was in culinary school as well.

I saw him one day so excited for life and excited about the joy of new beginnings when he told me of a new girlfriend he had. I asked him about her and for a long time she and he had known each other but just found out that she had had a crush on him for a long time but would never say anything.

What was so nice about knowing him is that he, even with a sever disability, was living his life to the fullest and enjoying it.

Fun Relationships

The Greatest Things In Life

I guess the message is to not just stand around and watch. Talk, get involved, do things that you like. Spend time with other people.

I have found that one of the greatest things in life are family, friends and getting to know new friends and people. Each day can be a start of a lifetime of new beginnings. So keep all those old friends and make more new ones everyday.

Healthy Relationships

Do You Have Strong Lasting Friendships With People

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Building Friendships


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    • malonge profile image

      malonge 3 years ago from Western New York On Hubpages

      Thank you for your comments. Have a great day!

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Change is certainly inevitable in life! Each day, there are new beginnings and new possibilities. The story of the blind boy is certainly an inspiration to us all. He accepted his limitations but did not let them limit his outlook on life. He lived it to the fullest, and so can we all!