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A Light Within (Part 2)

Updated on August 3, 2017
Sam ZeFroy profile image

I forgot to say in the last chapter that this is basically a Stinglu vs Nalu fanfiction. Sorry this is a little short. I hope you enjoy :)



I did it, Lucy thought, I finally completed my training. Fairy Tail, watch out.

"Lu, we finally did it! We completed our training!" Sting said pulling her in for a hug. "Sting, thank you, for everything," Lucy said with a smile. Sting and Lucy had started dating, about three months into the training course, and Lucy could not be happier. Sting pulled her in for a long kiss. When the kiss broke, Sting said, "Come on, we are catching the first train to Fairy Tail," he had not forgotten, Lucy thought. Boy, she was lucky to have him. "I love you," she said. He grabbed her hand and started running to the train station.


Lucy and Sting stood hand in hand, in front of the Fairy Tail guild. "Ya ready Lu?" Sting asked. Lucy nodded, and they both threw a powerful attack at the door, causing it to burst open.


Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu thought. Was the only girl he had ever loved. She left almost three years ago, and not a day goes by that he does not think about her. Natsu shut everyone out. He would not even talk to Gray.

"Hey, Natsu?" Lissanna asked quietly. Natsu did not answer

"You have gotta let her go, she is not coming back." Lissanna said getting frustrated.

"YEAH," Natsu screamed, "BECAUSE OF YOU!" His hair caught on fire because of his boiling anger towards Lissanna. "Natsu, I still love you, please come back to me," Lissanna said tears coming to her eyes. Natsu hated when girls cried, even the ones he hates. His hair went back to normal, and his eyes softened "Lissanna..." he started.


The guild doors flew open, and Natsu could not belive his eyes. It was Lucy, and some blonde dude.

"Not that b**** again," Lissanna said. But Natsu ignored her.

"LUUUCCCCYYYY!!!" Natsu yelled running towards her tears streaming down his face.

Natsu hugged Lucy, pulling her in tight. "Natsu, why are you crying?" Lucy asked, Natsu did not answer. "Hey buddy, she asked you a question," the blonde dude said. "I-I missed you Luce," Natsu mummbled. "Natsu... Please let go of me." Lucy asked. W-what? Natsu thought. He did not want to let go, he wanted to make her love him. "Sting.." Lucy said the the blonde man. "I gotcha babe," the dude said pulling Natsu of of her. Babe? Natsu thought. Sting set him on the ground and he glared at him as he took Luce's hand, he was honding his Luce's hand!

"Where is Lissanna Strauss?!" Sting and Lucy said at the same time.


Lissanna stood up from the bar, "What do ya want you slut?" she snarled. "Nobody calls my girlfriend slut," Sting said, "White dragon holy roar!" Sting's attack hit her squarely in the chest, throwing hard against the wall. "Ah," Lissanna said through clenched teeth, "you have a bodyguard now, mm Lucy, I thought you could protect yourself, what a pity." Lucy threw one of her weakest attacks at Lissanna.

"AGAAAH" Lissanna screamed. "Oh, Lissanna, I can protect myself. I was just waiting until my feelings got hurt, but sadley you cant do that to me anymore," Lucy said smirking at her. Lucy hit her with the same attack again "AAAAGAAAAHG!" Lissanna screamed in pain. "Ya, know I thought fighting you would be a lot harder, I bet you did not know I was a god slayer, did you?" Lucy asked innocently, the whole guild gasped, she heard whispers like "Lucy is a god slayer?" "How did we not know?" Lissanna looked up at her and said, "No, I did not, but you are still just as weak as before." Lucy hit her with the same attack, again. "You just keep telling yourself that Lissanna, how does it feel getting your ass handed to you? Oh and btw those were some of my weakest attacks." Lucy said. Lucy hit Lissanna with a different slightly stronger attack and Lissanna passed out. "Serves her right, after what she did to you," Sting said. looking at Lissanna with disgust. "Someone please tell Lissanna, that I challenge her to a duel tomorrow at nightfall, if she does not show up, she will pay." Lucy said, before taking Sting's hand and leaving.

(A/N: Let say that Lucy and Sting already have a hotel to stay at because Sabertooth is to far away.)


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