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A Loving Affair

Updated on September 15, 2015

The Affair

What is it about love that attracts so many followers. Including me. I am one of the biggest love affair people out there. Crazy like they say. Love is one of if not the hardest thing to manage. For me love is unfair. Every relationship I have been in has taken the worst route it could. I have watched someone fail at it twice. Someone on such a rocky path it doesn't even matter and one still beginning. I am so lost at this love affair thing that I just want to say "I QUIT". There are so many things to get in the way, to detour a person, and ruin it all. Maybe affairs are the smartest thing...but I have to stay true to myself and promote being faithful when you say your vows. But until then bring on the Love Affair. :)


I love talking about love! Don't you? Love can be one of the best things in life....but that's just it! How do you get it to be the best thing in life?! Hmmm, good question...either you have to find that one that is your perfect match or follow the rules perfectly. What about all the types of love? Puppy love, true love, love AFFAIR! Love is complicated, love in blind, and love is hard. But if you work together not selfishly and truly care and love each other I do believe you can last forever. Love hurts when love breaks...So don't break it! But, love has a way of weeding out the untrue love affairs and binding the true ones. To be in love you have to keep love in mind.

The hard parts about love

Heartbreak...Comes in many ways with love and being in love. Words, actions, and silence can even hurt. I have had my heart broken many times...These past years many more. You can be abused emotionally, physically, and mentally. You can be cheated on. You can just plain be left. Love is tricky, but the trick is to be a one true lover. Follow your heart and make the decision you want. Don't try and trick love cause it will trick you right back. Love is a glass always full.


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