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A Mild Case Of Shell Shock.

Updated on September 29, 2009

One of many beaches...any beaches we shared.

back when I was a wee lad....
back when I was a wee lad....

A Mild Case Of Shell-Shock

on August 31, 2003. ©-MFB III-Art-Whimsically Yours Studio


Lounging seaside again
as the tropical sands
trickle over my toes
perching here on a scrap
of bright sunfaded canvas
I'm a speck among specks
in my sunbaked glazed flesh
fully drenched in warm oils
drying to a bronze tone
in my slingback beach chair
margarita beside me
feeling dapper and tan
while before me parades
in a tide till they eddy
nubile young flesh bikinied
huge pot bellies in speedos
mixed with musclebound studs
watching people's amusing
as I study...I hear
many sounds that surround me
bounced in reverb offwaters
in wide stereo waves
to the shells of my ears
Shouts of joy...childrens laughter
parents calling thier names
bidding them to be careful
as the surf bowls them over
and resets them apart
plus occasional warnings
blowing from lifeguard whistles
when souls float out to far
With eyes closed I discover
this cacophany takes me
on a nostalgic journey
over sands of time back to
tin pail days of digging
and building sand castles
when I was a wee lad
surrounded by moats
And I swear I can still hear
intermixed with beach chatter
the sounds of my mother
calling me back to shore
but she's been dead 12 years now
and I'm, "Oh, so much older!"
then that little boys voice that is
shouting, "O.K. Mom!!"
"I'll be there in a minute!"
hear his feet pass my way
Could it be that the ocean
traps the shouts of past summers
capturing them in strange sound waves
that recede with the currents
only to be returned
at a much later date
mixing pastimes with present
as the roaring green surfs
cast them back from before
Or am I remembering
all those days lost forever
snuggled up with my mom
wrapped in soft cotten towels
with her arms tight around me
now denied evermore
As I'm lounging here seaside
sifting sand through my toes
maybe Ive had a bit of
too much sun, I suppose
or from four margaritas
such melancholy arose
maybe that's all???
who knows???

"Miss ya Mom!"


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