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A Quick View of the Klutzy Marriages Take Place In the World

Updated on November 23, 2013

Wedlock or Marriage is a legal contract between spouses. It ensures that they have to live together and have children according to their mutual concern. A number of marriages are there and it just depends on the culture of their own. Some cultures have a compulsion of marriage before enjoying any sexual activity, some provide their children to marry with the same sex person, some have the custom of having two to three legal marriages, etc.. A large number of countries are there that provide legal marriage between the same sex couples. So, there are numerous marriages that happen in the World and also accepted by their culture and country. Besides the normal marriages that knows by everyone, a large number of exceptional cases of marriages are there. Let’s have a look of some exceptional marriages that are just unimaginable.

Human-animal marriage

It is awkward to hear this type of marriage. Well, this happens a lot in the World. It is not legal by any of the countries of the world, even though it is attempted by a number of people. In this marriage, a human marries to animal whom he/she loves the most. The animal can be cat, cow, dog, dolphin, horse, goat, snake, etc.. These kind of marriages happened in the past also. All this happens due to their intimate love with their pets.

Transgender Marriage

Transgender marriages are also there. It is a marriage in which at least one person is transgender, only then the marriage can be named as the transgender marriage. There are numerous cases of this marriage in the past as well as in the present time. Many people of these groups are indulging in these kind of marriages to have a good family life. Now-a-days, lots of people live their life according to their own without the fear of any legal action taken against them by the government.

Walking Marriage

Walking marriage is another kind of marriage which is the most popular practice of Mosuo culture. Visiting relation is another term for walking marriages as there are no husbands and wives. In this marriage, partners do not live together in the same home. Husbands visit the wife's house usually in a week or according to their wish. Children of such kind of relationships are carried by their mothers. In this marriage, women and men can have numbers of partners and both of them engage in sexual relations with numerous partners as they wish.

Ghost Marriage

Ghost marriage! Is it a fun of having this kind of marriage? Don’t know but this also happens in many places. In this marriage, a deceased groom is replaced by his brother and the resulting children are considered as a child of the deceased spouse. So, in terms of this the marriage is called as the Ghost marriage.

Nude Marriage

Nude marriage is one of the new trend of getting married completely naked in front of a large number of people. Many countries are performing this practice at a large scale. Numerous people get married completely naked during the same time. Even they married naked in Churches, Clubs and other public avenues. Isn’t it interesting to see these couples marrying like this? Yes, it is.

Posthumous Marriage

Is it possible to have this kind of marriage? Yes, it is. Now-a-days, it is another popular marriage. In this marriage, a girl or a boy is married to a member who is deceased. In some countries, it is legal and practiced by most of the people to remain their love alive. It simply shows their true love towards their partner or we can say an incomparable love that never ends by doing this.

Boston Marriage

Boston marriage is a marriage in which two women living together married to each other. It shows a long term relationship between two spinster women. They do it because they feel that they are more compatible with each other than with any man. If both females agree to spend the whole life with each other without anybody’s support, then they marry with each other. This type of marriage can also be called by many as Lesbian marriage. It is a legal marriage in some countries.

Self Marriage

Self marriage as the name reflects itself is a marriage to himself or herself. Self love, self respect, becoming your own lover, best friend, parent/child, committing to oneself, stay away from their boring or ridiculous love affair, etc.… are some of the reasons of this marriage. Those people who indulge in all these causes prefer to do self marriage and enjoy their life beautifully.

Sexless Marriage

Sexless marriage is another exceptional case among the kinds of marriages. As the name suggests itself, there is little or no sex occurs between the partners after getting married. Certain causes are there to have this kind of marriage such as one partner hurt by his/her love in the past, one got too busy, communication problem between the partners, lack of trust, lack of anxiety, loads of stress, partner having the affair with somebody else, sexual addiction, Lavender marriage, etc.. So, this also happens after the marriage and the marriage is called by many as sexless marriage.

Mixed Orientation Marriage

Most of the guys aware of this marriage as it is one of the popular marriages. In this marriage, the partners are of different sexual orientation such as one person is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or asexual and on the other hand, the second person is of a different orientation. So, the marriage is named as a mixed orientation marriage. Those people involved in such kind of marriage may or may not be sexually compatible with each other only due to their different orientation. Thus, such kinds of marriages also happen in the great world of ours.

So, all of you can imagine the different number of marriages discussed over here and even can try with oneself. All these marriages exist and now-a-days, prefer by a large number of people due to different reasons.

Do you want to perform naked marriage?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Well ! Life is like this! Some time everything is five and other time even few thing you cannot define! To carry on any relationship till last it demands sacrifice!


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