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A Real Man Never Leaves

Updated on July 9, 2012

a real man...

a real man...

Real men don’t leave when things get tough…

Real men never let their woman walk out during a fight…

(scene fade in)……..

The fighting was becoming more than she could bear; with the tears stinging her eyes, she left him standing in the room.

Standing in the shower, allowing the water to wash the tears from her eyes, he walked in. Opening the door, he stepped into the shower with her, “I love you, you stubborn beautiful woman, and I won’t let you walk out and end things that way.”

As the water rained down on their bodies, he took her hands in his own, and pulled her close to him with a soft kiss.

Looking at her, his eyes shone, as if they were smiling just looking at her. With a questioning nod, he wondered what was so funny.

She smiled shyly, “you do look pretty silly standing in the shower with all your clothes on.”

He smiled at her, with a smile that lit up the room, “yeah, I know”…

……….(scene fade out)

And all the girls say.. “AWWWWWEEEE!!” <3


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    • Attikos profile image

      Attikos 5 years ago from East Cackalacky

      Basic difference (of many) between men and women: For men, once love, always love; for women, the one today is the one and only, the only one there ever has been.