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A Remedy for Eliminating Poison People

Updated on July 18, 2011
rissa62 profile image

Clarissa is a published author. She has a BA in Psychology from Ottawa Univ., MA from Webster Univ. and an EdS from Walden Univ.

Taking your power back from the poisonous people we love

The moment they open their mouths, poisonous words are spewed. When they enter a room, it seems the oxygen is sucked out leaving everyone gasping for air. When you hear their voice, all the muscles in your body spasm. When you hear their name, your stomach cramps. What you fail to realize is that you have been infected by the venom of a poison person.

All you want to do is bring happiness, joy, love, and peace into every environment you occupy. You love being around and with people. You love the sound of laughter. Your greatest desire is for others to enjoy life to its fullest. However, the moment the poison person enters your atmosphere, your only desire is to run for cover. You search your arsenal for battle gear to protect your emotions from the fallout of the poison person’s spit fire. You just want to crawl into a hole and disappear.

What do you do when it’s your family member(s)? What if it’s your father? Your mother? Your sibling(s)? Your significant other? How can you walk away from those who you love dearly? Those are difficult questions to answer; but the bottom line is this: YOU MUST SURVIVE AT ALL COSTS. The most difficult acknowledgement is walking away from those we love who continually bring misery into our lives. No one desires to cut off loved ones. However, if your leg is dying due to gangrene. Gangrene is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies. Just like body tissue dying, our spirits slowly die when we allow poisonous people to remain in our circle. The only cure for gangrene is to “cut off” the dying member. Your life depends on cutting the dying organ off. So, hopefully, you will choose life.

It is a very painful thought that some of us have to distance ourselves from family members and lifelong friends who are emotionally unhealthy and do not desire to improve. It seems their only goal in life is to seek and destroy those who are positive and want to do better. Many of our poisonous family and friends seem to glorify in the misery of others and will go above and beyond their wicked call of duty to keep negativity on a high throne.

However, the power belongs to you. You can be the conqueror of this emotional chess game. At first, it may be difficult to let the poisonous people go. You may experience emotional detoxification because you were part of the enabling crew. However, all habits began with practice. The more you practice surrounding yourself with positive people, the easier it becomes to stay away from the poison crew. As time passes, you will begin to literally feel better. Those headaches you once experienced will either be minimized or disappear. You will find yourself less stressed. You will desire to be around more positive people who have similar interests. You will yearn for constant happiness, joy, love, and peace. You must replace the poison people with positive people. If those positive people are not family members or current friends, then join clubs and groups that fulfill your interests. Positive people are abound, so get out there and introduce yourself.

Life is not always full of laughter; but you can improve your chances when you begin to eliminate the poison from your system. You don’t have to go down with a sinking ship when dozens of life boats await you.


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    • rissa62 profile image

      Queen of the Pen 6 years ago

      @Rob Winters: Thank you for your comments. Yes, the picture was very important in order to bring make the message 'visual'. Hopefully, someone out there will recognize the similarity and move on to freedom. Have a wonderful day, Bob. :-)

      @HattieMattieMae: I'm so happy your enjoyed the blog. Have a wonderful day.

    • HattieMattieMae profile image

      HattieMattieMae 6 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      Ah! so wonderfully put and the best thing some people will ever here! :) The true ringing of freedom to be your own true self and loveable! :)

    • Rob Winters profile image

      Rob Winters 6 years ago

      That image of a foot really gives credence to the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words".Interesting message - i really like your closing metaphor btw