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A Review Of GSB Matri Dot Com

Updated on May 26, 2015

First Of All: What Is GSB?

GSB stands for Goud Saraswat Brahmin. According to Wikipedia they are a hindu brahmin (priest-class) community based on the Indian subcontinent.

They speak a language called Konkani primarily and are mentioned very early in the Indian religious text Rigveda.

I am writing this review since I have got one mail each month from someone recommending their website. I have tried to contact the owners of the website without any success since you can't report abuse to them if you are not a member of their dating website.

I would personally never be a member since I belong to the wrong "crowd" so to speak: I am not from India, I do not speak their native language and most importantly: I am not a hindu.

Before I begin with my review I just want to set the record straight: I do not have anything against people from the Indian subcontinent. This is a review of a dating website primarily focused on India and the methods they use to promote it which I personally think is questionable, maybe even illegal.

Their Design Is Really Good Though

I have to give them a huge credit though for the design of their website. It is really professional and the bright colors makes you think of India and probably hinduism too: Thumbs up for that!

The website's main goal seems to be to join people in matrimony especially in the areas where they are the dominant group but also around the World.

Before writing this review I took a good look at their website and I found some weaknesses.

It seems to me at least that the website is still under construction since you cannot contact them if you are not a member, you can not find any wedding resources, there is absolutely no information about them which always makes my alarm bells ringing in my head.

Another thing that I don't like is that their affiliates seems to send people unsolicited emails randomly and this I never appreciate nor approve of.

The emails that I got comes from someone that "recommends" their website and also tries to sell me a well-known affiliate program in the same email. Since there is a lack of a clear unsubscribe or report complains-link in the emails I really think it is spamming me.

The owners of GSB Matri obviously approve of this illegal method. I would hope that they will have to shut down their website soon if they are approving this marketing method in the future.

A First Glance At Their Front Page


What I Actually Like About Their Website

Well, as I wrote above there are things that I really like and here are some more things:

I do like that they have a FAQ which clearly states that tells the visitor the benefits of upgrading their account to a paid membership. This gives good information about what you will get in addition to the free membership.

There is also a very good privacy policy and that they are approving the profiles manually. This means that there is a real human being actually reading the profiles and approving them.

Another thing that I really like is that there are many payment options and that they are clearly stated on the front page (see picture above and below this text).

I also like that there are people on the first page and that there are some member profiles displayed there too.

Another Look At Their Front Page


Is It A "Bharat Matrimony" Dating Website?

Since it is a dating website for people that want to get married it is very similar to the bharat matrimony dating website which is an online marriage service where people can get married online. I actually didn't know these websites existed myself until I looked it up.

I don't think that you can get married on the website though so it's probably not a bharat matrimony website.

I will state that I do not like the methods of sending spam to people since it is illegal and I do hope that the owners will tell this to their affiliates and tell them to stop immediately. It is annoying and I were pretty upset.

The affiliate used the method of sending me an email with the text "I got a dating profile that I would recommend to you" or something similar, I have actually deleted the email now.

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The About Page


What I Don't Like And My Recommendations

I am not a person that likes to nag about what I don't like about things but this is only about the website and not about the methods.

As you can see above I do not like the About-site since it says absolutely nothing. I know dating websites where the about-site is very good even though it is pretty standard. Even that is better compared to their dating site. It does not give anybody a great experience.

Since I am writing a review I click all the links available on the dating site to check out how it performed and I have to say that it was not satisfactory. For this I highly recommend that the owners of the website work on this first before trying to get members.

It might also help them to do a little bit of research before so they don't send this information to the wrong audience. That will only cause irritation amongst us and It will not help them or their reputation.

The same is true with the wedding resources. Try to get at least one link would be my recommendation to the owners of this website and not just "test1", "test2" and "test3". This does not look professional (see picture below)!

Funny Video


I do not recommend this site since it looks unprofessional, uses unsolicited emails to promote itself (or at least their affiliates does) which upsets me and if I am not mistaken it is illegal to do so.

The fact that you can not report issues if you are not a member is a very big problem. This is by far their biggest mistake and will be hurtful for their business.

That they don't have all the links in order only makes them look unprofessional to me. Now, as I stated in the beginning, I am not a hindu or from India myself but I would never recommend a site that uses the methods mentioned above to anyone.


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