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Examples of Short Stories About Friendship

Updated on May 26, 2015

“Friend is a single soul dwelling into two bodies” according to Aristotle, It is a bed of roses and a golden pack of gold for people who have true friendship in their life. This is the most valuable possession in this gambling realm that in order for us to have it, we must show sincerity and sympathy from others, through our eyes, serving as windows towards our eternal flame.

Love is only chatter and friends are all that matter. And the best relationship cause there’s no great demand and expectations. In this living sphere, all interaction may lead to intimate friendship if both parties will learn to understand each other. A real love is the one which forms a niche within both hearts of dwelling man.

Friendship seems to bloom first through four corners of our home. Our families are the molders and colonizers of our thoughts that build picture of what friendship looks like. And our brethrens can be our faithful true friend that gives pure joy and interest to our daily adventure.

They also serve as an inspiration for our unreachable aspiration. A thoughtful friend who will always to be there at our side even at times we tell them to leave. Cause, friendship sticks even at your worst encounter and adversity. And someone who is there for us when they’ve rather is somewhere else.

In a nutshell, it is a paradox of life that can stabilize our spirit and invigorate our soul leading to ecstasy, replenishing our inked heart to nourished the potion of love and cherish.

CpE Friends
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A Paramount of My Life

The golden key opens the magic of opportunity to witness and to provide a momentous stared of life. It vanish the puzzle sparkling mind and enlightened the paramount part of life.

A smirked appearance of the sun covered the entire place that traveled to my shivering nerves that cause me to create motion and destruct my tears to fall. I turned my head and I saw a notebook that look very familiar and important to me. The fierce wind darted that soared a portion of it. I saw the precise word “LEADCOM” in front of it. I turned on the first page and I saw the signatures, names and digits of my group mates, a remembrance I had from them. A flash of memories draped in my head. It was luxurious fragile flavor experience ever since as my journey goes on. New people, new friends, and new life. My heart tranquil as how they gave value and importance to each and everyone. No rejection happened between a miraculous diverse of ours. A deep euphony chromatic life was given priority by the organizers. One thing that I learned was that “we can be a good leader in so many ways and even without a position; we can spread the virus of benevolent vision”. It was very unbreakable and impotent to me. Everything must start to us, within our hearts and our soul. A bellicose scars of mine vanished by their affable manner.

As I hold the notebook tightly, proudly I say that it change my life the way I adhere the kaleidoscope of this world. Leadcom is the best program for the young leaders of society for the fortification of the future generation o this world. Let’s percolate and escapade the benevolent action for us to probate the heroism of true leader.

I Surrender

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.

Have you ever been in love? Oh, what a therapeutic words of romance isn’t it? Every time we hear the word love, it ignites smiles on our faces and feels like our tiny pores shrinks with our hair strand upward signifying that the spear of cupid hits our innocent hearts. It is said that love is a powerful entity that can only be feel in this world. Yes, definitely right. But did you ever asked yourself that it may hurt your feelings too, or shall we say not all the time it gives happiness to you. With conjunction to that, it’s all entrains of what called “love”.

It feels like you are floating in the air every time you see her. The pumping of your heart doubles and feels that you wear a crown in your head.I already experienced to be in love and I can’t deny it. There’s a girl I loved before. It all commenced when I had saw her during our practice for the coming Coron Festival celebration. I found myself looking at her for a long time. My face scrambled and my eyes shuffled.

”oh I’m falling in love with her”.

I am sure that it is not love at first sight but it feels I found my destiny. I tried my best to know her and get her attention. Let’s hide her in the name as “Lady Black” because she always wears a dress which is color black. She became my inspiration especially during examination, I looked at her and I found the answer instantly. Then, I started to court her. I helped her in everything she do and finally we became closer top each other. But, it seems like that she is not yet ready to face and accept an exclusive world for lovers. In order not hurt my feelings, I stop and give up because I feel that I don’t have any chances to have her. But did you know what’s the hardest part is? Is to see her with another guy! It feels like the sun burns my body little by little. There’s a guy who tried also to court her. Day by day, I saw them together. I thought that it is okay for me but it was not. My heart was tainted and chopped into tiny pieces.

One thing that I uttered to myself is that, love is not about your feelings; it is about how you accept the fact that it is only a battle of heart. Giving up doesn’t mean that you are a quitter or a loser, it simply means that you are ready to set her free, to make things fine and clear and giving her of what she deserve. We must learn to fight for our love and must know the time when you needed to give up. Life is short, so we must move on and always remember this phrase that there’s always time for everything.

Friends | Source

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