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A Secret of Bangladesh

Updated on July 21, 2015

Why the women choose oppression instead of divorce

Though Bangladesh is a democratic republic country but the culture and norms are based on religion and petrilineal way. Like other petrilineal country in Bangladesh, women are suffering unbearable pain, they has to suffer physically, psychologically and sexually abusing from their husband and their husband’s family. However, sometimes the women of Bangladesh get physically disorder or get suicide to release the mental and physical torture but they never think about divorce as a discharge or liberation because of the religion, social perspective of Bangladesh, illiteracy and unemployment problems, lake of family and government support.

It is recognized that man on average are physically stronger, which is not necessary a superiority but only for that cause man think themselves superior and misevaluate women. In rural areas, when a girl grows up in a family, parents think how they get her married instead of educating her. Parents appreciate her to do household chores and raising young siblings. In a single house a daughter stay at home play with dolls, doing some house hold chores, caring her little siblings and they son go to school, mixing with other boys, playing different games, know what’s going on the other world, father always quarrel with mother for a vary simple thing, mother always calm what will be the life of the daughter and the son? The son and the daughter think automatically women have to suffer without any voice and man has to oppress the women mentally and physically. Furthermore in rural areas parents get her daughter married before at the age of 18 because people think older girl are stubborn they are not good for marriage. Sometimes parents get their 16 years old daughter married with a 40 year old man because of money because the parents cant give dowry. Most of the time the man has two or three wives before that girl. In that case that girl has to suffer physical and mental torture from his other wives and sexually abusion from her husband. Moreover parents get their daughter married without knowing is the boy good or bad. It’s a common matter that after marriage the groom’s parents know that the spouse is drug addicted. In that case wives has to suffer mentally and physically vary badly she is forced to bring money from their family. In this situation the girl get suicide instead of divorce. On the other hand, the situation of urban areas is not so negligible. Though the rate of literacy of women is more then rural areas but women also has to get married before completing education and getting job. After marriage they also suffer a lot but very few people get divorced.

In Bangladesh Religion is one of a main cause where women don’t want divorce. In Islam a women directly can not divorced a man. When the women faced ill-treatment from her husband or her husband family she has to apply to the court then the court forced her husband for divorce or if wife can not be with the husband that time the wife buy divorce from the husband. Because of being a democratic country, women can divorce in Bangladesh in Bangladeshi law but because of ritual believes of Islam women are not supposed to divorce.

Most of the time women can not think divorce though they suffer physically and mentally because of unemployment and poverty of Bangladesh. I mentioned before that women has to marry before finishing education or before getting job. In that case women are economically depended on man. Though they suffer a very miserable situation because of unemployment women need to stay with her husband.

Bangladeshi society is a petrylineal society. Social perspective of Bangladesh biased on man domination. Here a divorced woman has to go through a shocking situation. Most of the time they are not lead a prestigious life. Though a divorced women has much money or wealth of good job but people treat her as a loser. The family of a divorced women do not support her. People think that divorce happened only for the women fault. Because o the wrong perspective of divorced women women do not encourage in divorce. Moreover women prefer oppression instead of divorce for their children.

In Bangladesh women are more likely face mentally disorder then man because they endure many things inside them, they endure mental cruelty from man but they can sat that to any one but whenever a man face problem they sheared to their friends. For that reason women suffer from strong depression, obsession and different kinds of mental disorders.

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