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A Single Person's Rights

Updated on November 27, 2009


It is time for us to realise that being single does not mean one is a social outcast.  Being single does not mean one is to walk with a head bowed and feel like there is something wrong with them.


Every individual on this earth has rights. Single people and married people all have a right to developing a good and godly self-esteem.


Let us now have a look at rights every single person has.




Being single does not have to be a stigma, a reason for bowing one’s head. It is only when one does not realise the benefits of singleness that one sees it negatively, therefore projecting a negative image. What you think, believe and confess with your mouth will be what ultimately happens to you.


What have you been saying about your single status?




Whereas some desire marriage (certainly 90%) of us! There are people out there who are content about their single state. Does it mean they are abnormal? No, as long as their choice to remain single is not rooted in a fear of relationship or the belief that they cannot be loved.


Is your decision to remain single an excuse you use or is it your heart’s choice?




The sure way to receive respect from others is first to respect yourself. Don’t forget that the way you treat yourself is an indication to how you want to be treated. Know who you are in God and behave like you believe it: in your speech, your appearance and your actions! In your relationship to others, treat them as you would like to be treated, forget about games and let your Yes be Yes and your No be No.


When people see you, what do they see?




You are fearfully and wonderfully made, an original with a purpose that only you can fulfil. This is the time for you to develop godly character discover your strengths and weaknesses maximise your self worth and have God as your no.1 priority.


Have you been behaving as an original or a bad photocopy of an original?




You can fast when you want, pray when you want and spend your money as you desire. This is a time when you can focus your energy to what you desire rather than having to take someone else opinion or permission. At this point you can still choose whether or not you wish to be accountable to someone.


Are you ready to let go of your selfish habits?




How convenient it is to spend, save and invest having just one person to take into account! You can give yourself to Kingdom Building and take risks knowing that you only have on person to take into account.


How do you enjoy taking decisions without having to wait for someone else’s approval?




How good it is to know that you have the right to say Yes or No to a relationship! You can end relationships and start new ones rather easily. You can set standards and make have a tighter control on who enters your life.


Have you been able to say No when you saw the puss coming out of the eyes?




You can pack your bags and go on retreat and mission trips; that is serving God to the maximum. It is the ideal time to wake up when the Holy Spirit wakes you up, the time to spend hours in His presence, a time to manage your timetable with only God as the priority. A time to be refreshed constantly in the presence of the King.


Have you been enjoying the benefits of this right?




Do not allow your life to pass you by as you are waiting for someone to share it with you. Seize the day, do all that the Holy Spirit allows you to do with your money and your time. Enjoy what the Lord has provided for you on your way to where you are going. Do not let life pass you by.


What is your week like? Is it worth joining you on this journey? Will it be exciting?




You can walk in the fullness of who God intended for you to be. You can make the difference in a world of compromise. You can shine in darkness and you can help creation to see the manifestation of the sons of God. You can make history rather than just read it in books and leave a mark to difficult to erase.


What in your life points to the fact that you are a child of the King?



Your singleness is a time of opportunity, a time of discovery and a time of development. Do not let it pass you by: maximise your life on the way to where you are going. Remember that your life is in the mighty hands of God and that He knows the plans and the purpose He has for you: to give you a future and a hope.

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      6 years ago

      How about the right not to be discriminated against.


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