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A Spark of Faith, Hope and Love : 3rd Part

Updated on October 8, 2016


As an outsider listening to how her love story progressed on, I can’t help but be amazed that the same kind of spark when they first met transformed gradually into love – not just a sudden, temporary flicker but something that secured them together. From that time, Nat took numerous visits to Rossel’s place – both in her office and her apartment. What endeared Rossel more to Nat was that, he was such a giver. He took the effort to bring something not only for her but also to her officemates and friends.

“I wanted to go out of town, just so I can have a breather from the all the stress in the office. I invited him to come with me and without missing any beat, he said, ‘yes’. Both of us haven’t gone to Baguio so it would surely be an adventure for the first-timers like us”, Rossel narrated.

When asked what were the happiest and unforgettable moments that they had together during that trip, Rossel couldn’t help but laid out all the details:

1. 24/7 Alert, Awake & Active

“Unlike the other travelers who would spend their travel time sleeping, ours was very much different. We spent our time talking about anything under the sun and laughing at each other’s jokes. I could not anymore remember how many times I hit his shoulders because I got easily carried away in our conversations.”

2. The Precious Ring

“Since there were only the two of us traveling together, we bought rings at Silverworks. We didn’t want to be gossiped by any attendant nor any other hotel guests upon seeing us together, checking-in in one room. Some people have an obnoxious way of ruining that trip because of their malicious assumptions so, we ended up showing our hands with those rings on.”

3. Boundary-Line, Boundary-Pillows

“When we got in, the room was rather small and had only one bed. He started thinking things about me but I stated myself clearly that though, we will be sharing one bed – the pillows will divide his and my space. I have never gone out of town to any guys except him. I know by heart that I am safe with him – as old-fashioned as he is. Although I am an adventurous soul, I have always kept my purity and it never crossed my mind that something so drastic will ever going to happen to the two of us on that trip.

4. No Notice of the Ghost

“We weren’t spared of the hotel ghost stories in Baguio. When we were there, we could hear the sound of chains dragging on the floor. However, it never called much of our attention because we were so busy getting to know each other more. Every time we recalled that time, we can’t help but laugh about it. It was hilarious, really. I guess, we pissed off that ghost – BIG time!”

5. Lovely Moments in Baguio

"I think the wall that we have between each other was slowly being shuttered to pieces. He was becoming more comfortable with me as I was with him. A five-meter distance from each other in the morning became two hands clasped together in the afternoon as we went to different places. I began to understand the likes of him – that as a man, he also has a lot of fear in dealing with women like me. Most of the time, he ended up in his bat cave – dealing all these things alone. I was honored that he was able to disclose a lot about himself to me because I was very much sure that this was a rare thing that he would do when he was with other people.”

6. Nat’s First Love Letter

“I woke up one morning & saw him at the kitchen. He was scribbling something. Intrigued about what he was writing on, I directly approached him. I asked him what was that but he tried to hide it. When I saw my name on it, I then realized that he was actually writing a love letter for me. I tried to sneak on the succeeding sentences but he became uncomfortable about it. I stole a kiss on his cheek and managed to say my “Thank you.” He quickly went to his bed and covered his whole body with a blanket. Looking back, he is not really too direct with his feelings. He loves deeply but silently and I am happy that at that time I could actually understand him.”

We kept our purity intact and we were happy that, after our Baguio trip – we were officially couples. We were both happy that we took that chance to be together, to know more about each other and to discover that this can be the start of our lifelong bliss – and we proved that we were never wrong along the way. It was all worth it”, Rossel recounted.

The love story of Rossel Guerrero and Nat Rupera continuously bristled in maturity through all those years. They inspired and moved me for a lot of reasons. Let me guide you through it:

- Sometimes, breaking stereotypes may also mean breaking that pride away. Pride is the most difficult hurdle in any relationships – even before it starts. Pride allows two people to overly protect themselves from getting hurt and exaggeratingly, from getting to know the other person in the light of friendship. Pride is a self-inflicted fear that bubbles up into false, horrifying and nightmarishly expectations that are never validated in reality. It paralyzes your will to risk, to take a chance and to explore what is out there waiting for you because pride unfortunately leads you to “The Land of What-Could-Have Been”.

- Faith can always bring two strangers together. Involving God in their relationship early on through prayer with their growing spiritual maturity as a couple, allowed their paths to cross again and enabled them to love unselfishly – seeking not only what is best for the other but for the both of them.

- Nathaniel Rupera and Rossel Guerrero’s personalities are totally opposites. Nat is a silent but a deep person. He may not be the type of man who will post sweet messages to Rossel in Facebook or post their sweet photos together but he never fails to tenderly affirm Rossel that he loves her. He may not be the type of man who would ask assistance to people for a choreographed flashmob and dance around Rossel every anniversary nor he is not the type who wants an applause from the crowd, camera flashes here and there or video recorded sweet-nothings posted on Youtube or Facebook but, he never fails to stay awake all night and chat Rossel during their long-distance relationship phase (when Rossel was in Cebu). He didn’t need any applause but, Rossel’s heart and hand in marriage is all he ever need. He is a typical kind of man – uncomplicated, silently and genuinely loving Rossel in his own way. Thus, this made me realize that BEING THE RIGHT PERSON just purely means BEING YOURSELF. Rossel’s cheerful personality coupled with her being expressive and demonstrative to Nat never became an issue in their relationship. A person in love should feel that he is becoming more like himself because their love adds more value to the kind of person he wants to become. Each of them has a mutual willingness to accept each other’s differences.

- Love, just like faith is also communal – it needs the supportive presence of the people around them. It’s never “us against the world” because there are people around you that you equally love and value other than your “The One”. Nat takes ongoing effort of getting to know Rossel’s family and friends. Rossel values the family and friends of Nat just like the way she values him. Both took into consideration that their GG is not just their future-hubby or future-wifey, but also a son/daughter, a brother/sister, a friend, an officemate, a busy employee and so on. Needless to say, they also take time to take care of the multi-faceted roles of each other by giving outmost respect and love to the people around their GG.

Nat and Rossel, I fervently pray that God will continuously bless your relationship. I know that your love for each other will always make you an invincible team that can surpass any hardships that will come along your way.

As for our readers, I hope you could also discover your own love story which might also be built in a spark of faith, hope and love. Who knows, you have already bumped into your “The One” unknowingly at the elevator in a seemingly ordinary day of your busy life. Please, try to look up. You might just get lost in each other’s eyes. And when you do, please be brave to take risks because I tell you, it is so much worth it…


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