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A Stolen Biography

Updated on July 5, 2014

Life and Love

Her Hobby

She found the sound of the computer annoying but she wanted the program desperately so she let it continue to download from the torrent site through the night.


Overheard talking to her dog: “How you get so cute?”


The yard was overgrown to the point where you were surprised the city didn‘t step in. There was a small, white bungalow somewhere in there. It was not so much hiding as having given itself over to the elements. Children always gave the place a second look just to make sure that it was innocuous and not merely waiting, biding its time and then striking.


She wanted to bite him. Not in an angry way but she did want to bite him on the back of his neck as she imagined a lioness might bite her mate.

Her Husband

His earnestness was in question but this was nothing new. She could read his body language, his face; his intonations said more th it an his words. His fear of betrayal was always an underlying factor. When she looked at him she saw a man unsure of his place in the world.

The Mountain Lion

They were walking along one of the mine trails when they heard the crunching sounds. They stood still and looked around but the sounds had stopped and they could detect no motion in the moonlight. They looked at each other nervously and began to walk back to the car. The crunching sounds resumed. She saw something big and dark moving against the darkness. Something with a long tail. They started to wave their arms in the air and sing loudly. At first, they did not know what to sing so they sang nursery rhymes.

Giving Up

“I can’t do it anymore.” The words came out of her mouth like sheep to be slaughtered.


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