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A Super Winning Blind Date (Poetry)

Updated on January 25, 2016

Her Plane Coming In


Blind Good Love

A super winning blind date,

Tracey was her name,

She flew in and was not late,

Her warmth of heart was the same,

I saw her for the first time

As she stepped off the plane,

She blew me away

As a loving hurricane.

She was very attractive,

With smooth skin and long hair,

She had those I’ve got it eyes

With a dazzling glare.

Tender looking good,

With dimples in her cheeks,

Beautiful white teeth,

Steals the room when she speaks,

Her voice was of an alto,

Walking with a flow,

She was bubbly and carefree,

But there’s much more to know.

Her taunts created up rise

As she pranced around the room,

She tantalized me,

Then kissed me with a boom.

Tasted vapors of her breath,

Mellowed in sweet tasting juice,

I graced thru her lips,

An offer I could' nt refuse,

Had a six-pack tummy

A slim-trim lined waist,

She looked so yummy

Had to slow down my haste.

Nice feet sized six or maybe to eight,

Oh I had a winning hand,

A gourmet dish on my plate,

To take around the land.

Came on Flight 132,

She was looking her best,

Her days with me were a few,

But I was verily impressed.

A blind date? yes,

A very super one,

A winner all the way,

Oh, we had so much fun,

Even fixed her healthy meals,

Cause that was what she ate,

We made some great deals,

That turned out pretty grea

Can Lead to Real Love and then Marriage


A Blind Date

Life is taking a good chance. You shall win more times than you lose. As long as you jell truthfully with someone, that is what really add matters up. You can meet someone in person, over the phone, online, through friends or however, but get to know them as best you can before going out on a date.

I Met Her Through My Buddy's Girlfriend

We talked over the phone for nearly six months then I convinced her to fly my way. We split the fare. We had a ball at least for a week... Sometimes, you guys need to impress your buddy's girl so that she will want to introduce you to or put in a good word for you to her girlfriend. The same thing can happen the other way around for ladies as well. A nice and pleasant personality can go a very long way so, go for it.


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    • word55 profile image

      Word 3 years ago from Chicago

      Well, of course MsDora, she'll fly in since he paid all or at least half the fare. But now, with modern tech, it doesn't need to be totally blind. They can exchange pictures via, mail, internet or cell phone to phone.Thank you for commenting. Have a blessed day!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      I like the subject matter--a woman flying in for a bind date. That is as romantic as it gets.