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A Testimonial To Happiness

Updated on August 27, 2012

Being Happy is good for lots of things!

I landed at Melbourne airport from the US and was chatting to a new friend. I soon found out that she had lost 66 lbs in a year. I have lost a total of 85 lbs in about a year and a half.

The first interesting fact is that she lost her weight while living in the US and I lost mine while living in Australia. She is Australian and I am from the US. Traveling back and forth to the US, I (and many others) have determined that most food in the states is garbage. So, I found it interesting that she lost slot of weight in the US. Most weight loss stories from the states are of people only losing 10 or so pounds, then gaining it all, plus more, back.

Also, you certainly cannot contribute all of the loss to just the food. So, one can look at me and say it is not all due to just Australian food.

The second fact came when I asked her how she did it. Se said she "got happy". I had the weirdest feeling in my gut. When I look back on my pre weight loss days, I had hired a personal trainer. I ran to death. I lifted weights till I was sore. I starved myself for weeks. I never lost a pound!

How many people do you know like this? They spend hours on a treadmill and never get anywhere. I still see them in the gyms today. One common thread is they seem miserable. Just like I was and my new friend was.

Don't get me wrong. I am not discounting healthy eating and exercise. I firmly believe that if you are not happy, it ain't happening!

The secret to most things in life...get happy! Try it today. Why wait.

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